Decorating on a Budget

It is possible to innovate in the decoration of your home even with a low budget. Check out some tips:

  1. Colorful pieces are more into account leaving the cheerful kitchen.Choose warm colors, which sharpen the appetite and stimulates creativity.
  2. Creativity and boldness make the House more interesting.This sofa has been renovated with a simple intervention: different colors and prints. Just remember to choose tones that “talk” to each other and leave the more harmonious composition.
  3. adhesives won power in decoration.Bet on unusual ideas like this, where the integrated kitchen was bounded with the phrase “where we eat” (where we eat).
  4. wallpaper or wall sticker at in just one of the walls brings charm to the environment, in addition to being an alternative to define spaces, as in the dining room in the photo beside.
  5. Although simple, the idea can solve the lack of a specific place for the bar.The drawer support allows bottles to leave them in the correct position, protecting the drinks of abrupt changes of temperature and luminosity.
  6. many people avoid putting in room tones with fear …A safe and economically viable alternative is score and color prints loaded pads who marry each other.
  7. Remember Grandma’s sewing machine that is forgotten in some corner of the House?Don’t know what to do with it? See how it was possible to integrate the decoration, bringing the environment family memories. It’s an original way and charming to make the home even more cozy. On the structure of iron, an ancient seat of train was turned into top.
  8. more than decorative, this is a suggestion.Small sinks and draining are two things that don’t go together. A cheap solution models suspended and trapped by a stainless steel rod. In addition to improving the Organization, these parts can easily be removed if necessary.
  9. entertainment and fun Objects are among the strongest trends of decoration.Don’t be afraid to expose them thinking that people don’t understand the proposal. The references of each must be part of the decor.
  10. for those who are not afraid of risk, paint the bedroom walls with strong colors brings personality to the environment.In this case, the choice of tom took into account the sensory effect caused by colors.
  11. the corner of the toilet’s never had so much personality.A former mobile turned support for cuba, while the shelves are home to beautiful perfume bottles. Expose your memories and give more life to the environment.
  12. No place to store his boards, bike or ladder?Here, the proposal interfered little in the decoration, as well as creating an atmosphere bereft in the room.
  13. the old niche to accommodate the CPU won new function.Turned and ideal place to keep trimming those larger books. Use creativity and think that even small adjustments can result in beautiful and useful pieces for the
    day to day.
  14. Forget the legend that we should not have plants in the room.Small species or floral arrangements make this room more cheerful. Just be sure to remove the most fragrant flowers during the night, as they may cause irritation or allergy.
  15. it is not always the most suitable for the frame is the wall.He can win to be supported on a buffet, as pictured above, a shelf or a trimmer. The initiative can give the piece a greater prominence.
  16. the one (!) stool that makes you reach objects that are stored at the top can gain prominence in the room.Painted in a vibrant color, he helped compose the rest of the environment. A simple way to give a decorative touch to the piece functional.