Dark Colors on Walls

Tips on how to use dark colors on walls in the right way, without leaving the heavy environment

Who likes to change the decor of the house but can not spend much on these changes can choose to change the painting or the wallpaper of some environments using a dark color.

One option is to use striped wallpaper with gray and white and decorate your living room or bedroom with some black and other blank pieces and color variations of these colors.It is important to note that light pieces placed next to walls with dark color make the environment not heavy and brings more prominence to the decoration according to HBBLTD.
In addition, it is possible to use cement plates in black color to decorate the toilet. Because it is a small environment, you do not need colors that give an impression of space enlargement. So the dark wall in the toilet makes it more cozy.
Another dark color widely used in decorating walls is the amethyst.It can be used on a wall of the living room of your house and so that the environment is lighter, the sofa can be white or another color very clear, like the champagne.Still, you can use a lighter amethyst tone on the cushions so that the color of the wall and the individual pieces balance better in the environment.
Red is also a good alternative for those who want to innovate in the look of the house .Can be used on a wall in the kitchen or living room and can be enhanced with white boards or vinyl stickers.These combinations make the environments more modern and relaxed.
When using a dark color on the wall of the environment, two factors must be observed: dark colors on the floor and low light.In these cases it is necessary to think better before using more dark tones in the environment.If there is a lack of light, try to explore the possibilities by adding light fixtures or changing the shades of the curtains.

It’s interesting that before you make any changes to the look of the rooms in your house, you should try to get to know some of the projects that worked with these changes so that they can inspire you when deciding how to innovate.
Remember that if you are not buying new furnishings and furnishings, the colors you decide to add to the walls need to be consistent with the colors of the pieces you already have at home.