Cute Back to School Hairstyles

Autumn is upon us, it returns from vacation, to those who work and those at school. But the hair? After the summer need a cut after the holiday stress start to the cold season? Here are some ideas!

The return from vacation is heavy for all, even for our hair, that after the stess of the sea, sun, salt and whatever are found to suffer, sometimes even a climatic overhang ahead of the first autumn chills. How to solve the problem and help the hair to prepare for the new season? A shot of scissors could be the solution, here are some trends cutting idea for the A / W 2015, for those who must go to school, at university or at work.


The cut must be practical, waking up early in the morning will wake up even earlier so already difficult to style hair could be even more so. The most popular cuts are reconfirmed those of summer, a pixie cut for those who love or have shorter hair , easy to style your hair and dry and / or comb, a lob or a bob for those who do not want to give up a minimum length and that are unwilling to hazard short hair with the first frost of the year.

Fast Hairstyles

In addition to the cuts for those who want even hairstyles faster ones are reconfirmed the ponytail, the classic ponytail, soft seal not high, leaving even some loose tuft falling on his face; the fish braid also called a track in a herringbone pattern, it takes a little ‘more time but it is a hairstyle practical, easy and effect; or alternatively also the simple side braid.

Loose and rebels?

If they are loose hair, no hair pins and clips that you like, then it must be said that the messy look a bit ‘ “messy” style beach waves is still in fashion! So off plates, hot irons that can also weaken the hair and yes to that fake blur that is comfortable to all, both those who have short hair that long.

That cutting choose?

Most Popular cuts for this A / W 2015 will be those seen by the stars: like Taylor Swift lob, Emilia Clarke, Kate Hudston or Jennifer Lopez. Alternatively cropped like Lily Collins, or a lob with side clump like Rachel McAdams.