Customize T-shirts

You fell in love with your new shirt but do you think he is too trivial design? With these tips can change little details to make it unique and suits your style!

Who does not love the T-shirts? Surely are one of the most popular clothing and, for this reason, it happens sometimes to find shirts with decorations or beautiful prints but a boring cut and pretty standard. Let’s see Extrareference for how to change a shirt and make it more beautiful to put on and see at a pair of scissors.

How to cut the neck and shirt sleeves

  • Using a table as a support, place the shirt so that seams and folds perfectly fit together (front and back)
  • The neck is one of the most interesting aspects. Starts from that: the seam of many T-shirts on the neck is thicker, but not for this less easily workable. A great idea is to cut an arc that goes from shoulder to shoulder to give a sleek look!
  • We come to the sleeves, there are those who take away entirely, but I find it too drastic a solution! Simply, if you really want to change something … accorciatele.
  • If the bottom seam of the shirt just you like you can not cut it off, but do not exceed beyond the 2.1 cm as it is good to remember that it is a shirt, not a top!
  • If you leftover tissue after having cut out the seam in the bottom of the shirt, you could use that strip as little belt to tie around the waist …

Change the shirt neckline

Change the neckline of a shirt is very simple and absolutely original, but must be as precise as possible because the neck is the part that most will notice when you wear the shirt.
First, it is appropriate to understand what type of neck you got, then draw with chalk its shape on the shirt and -infine- cut with scissors.

it is good to be careful to keep a distance as close as possible between shoulder and neck, both lati.Se want your t- shirt has a very “cheeky” cut can leave it, otherwise you can make a neck edge just cut first with needle and thread by hand and then with the sewing machine.
If you are uncertain and do not want to ruin your new shirt, first try of an old woman who does not wear more!

Cut the V-neck

Cut a V-neckallows you to give a totally new look to your t-shirt and will make you appear slimmer and slender. To understand exactly how to cut the neck of the shirt before you wear it. Mark with a pencil or a light pen the size that the neckline will have in relation to your sternum (but do not overdo it, the cut should not be too large). >>

Then, after you have removed the shirt and have them stretched perfectly on a flat surface, define well the shape that the neck must have and start cutting. It is very important to always use very sharp scissors to avoid doing irreparable damage and give an initial cut more content: remember that you are always on time to widen it but not to narrow it down!

Cut the sleeves of his shirt

Cut the sleeves, as I said above, could be a solution a bit ‘drastic but particularly suited to give a modern cut and “jaunty” to your shirt or to transform it totally.

If you want to remove by adopting a more elegant solution can scucirle! Turn the shirt inside out and, being careful not to cut your fabric, cut the sleeve stitches.

At this point, if the fabric is not parading, you can leave it as otherwise you will need to make a small hem. To do this, as described above, simply tuck a tiny bit of tissue and stop him first with a needle and thread and then stop all with the sewing machine.