Curated Shopping For Plus Size Men

Since a while I’m a fan of Hello fresh – so by the food boxes, that’s complete meals with all the ingredients in a pretty box to the home provide even cooking. Modomoto is a similar concept to me somehow – so I have tried this time.

There are some providers of “curated shopping” – so online shopping advice, or a more or less personal stylists. One easy logs on, his clothing sizes are, can still comment about and also select in which the outfits to go towards. At Modomoto, you can select “Casual”, “Business Casual”, “Trendbewusst” and “Classic” of the styles. Then they refined the information yet, z.B favorite colors, favorite cuts, price range, etc.

The question of how the selection for us plus size work out men was particularly exciting for me. The selection goes upper parts to XXXL, collar size up to 46 (which made me quite suspicious, because I have 47… that I’ve specified but then in the comments), jackets to 62, pants shoes to 47 and 42.

Are actually not only the pure standard sizes S XL, but the limits are for the first time at the above sizes – in my box, but then actually were article in 4XL, and it everything, sometimes even rather too big!

The shopping experience very positive begins with a really very nice packaging in the look of an old-fashioned case. This is already what the eye!

When you open the box, the impression goes shoes in a beautiful bag, to a handwritten note and an info folder positively next – bashed in tissue paper, tied to two outfit stacks. That is all very lovingly and exclusive.

In my box, two jumpers by Gant and Tommy Hilfiger, five Plaid shirts by Bugatti, Tommy Hilfiger, Gant and Camel Active, two pairs of trousers by Gant and camel active, were a leather belt of camel active and sneaker by Tommy Hilfiger, three Polo shirts by Ralph Lauren, as well as socks of Burlington. A whole lot! All very high quality and also relative high-priced brands. Everything in the casual style. I had chosen well the style of “Trendbewusst”, nothing was like this but in my opinion – that is certainly rather reserved for smaller sizes because here there is the selection of trendy parts.

As mentioned above, everything has changed! The sweaters and shirts were in size 4XL, I Yes itself never could choose at the beginning of the order, and I could include also the shirts by the scruff of the neck, on my comment with collar size 47 has been so entered. The sweaters and shirts were but then quite far to the body, a size smaller would have been enough also.

Especially surprised the pants have me! I had neither Gant nor Tommy Hilfiger for me as a mark on the screen, both pants (jeans and a Chino) have a great, modern cut and sat perfectly (I have shorten length of leg 32… because I find very rarely directly matching pants and must often, so that has pleased me especially).

I’ve tried everything on of course, show you here but only a few choices. There are “only” two outfit packages that are co-ordinated, this however can put together some outfits and of course other combine.

Up on the baseball cap and the white vest, everything you see from the parts out of the box is put together.

Yes by myself I think I’s very well get out, to pick out my clothes and combine, nevertheless I find the offer of Modomoto real good and just comfortable. Particularly practical but for men who have either no time or desire, everything even to gather in various shops (online or offline), or simply no hands for combinations have.

You can try things alone at home and keeps only what you like. The rest goes back for free.To get an invoice for the items it has retained only after the receipt of the return. So, you don’t go in advance. What is very important, because my package had a total value of €1,100 (some of the parts were greatly reduced, a shirt for example 50%, because it had a small bug).

On the return form, many choices of the back end reasons are – so then got to Modomoto you, what you like what good sat etc. You can do the fine tuning but also by phone with your stylist or a stylist.

Conclusion: Great thing! Convenient and easy, you get new ideas and meets brands, which it previously had not had discovered for themselves. I think only high-priced brands, which manufacture but in fairly large sizes were that, in smaller sizes, the offer is also cheaper in my box. It’s also my criticism or a suggestion at Modomoto, that they are looking even cheaper brand partner, offering mens clothing in large sizes.

Even just try it out! Via the following link, you save a whopping €50 * when ordering your first Modomoto box: €50 * save

Valid from a minimum purchase value of €150

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