Cost of Car Jewelry at the Wedding

If a bride or groom wants to trust, one can also venture with the car.

To a beautiful decoration belongs of course also a suitable car decoration , with which the bride and groom in a stylish atmosphere can advance.The car can be decorated in a variety of ways – mostly at very high cost – sometimes even less.

In this article we have information on the following topics for you:

  1. Genuine floral decoration from the florist
  2. Cheap carpet made of fabric/artificial flowers
  3. Car flags, cans & signs
  4. Antenna loops for the wedding guests

A car decoration, like all other decorations, should correspond to the nature of the bride and groom. From elegant-stylish to fashionable, funny or even simple, many forms of design are possible.

Often, for the wedding, real flowers are used for decorating the car, but in some cases also artificial flowers.It should be noted that the color of the selected flowers match the bridal bouquet and, if possible, the accessories of the bride and groom, especially the bride.

A car jewelery for the wedding can come in many variants.

1. Genuine floral decorations by the florist

The classic is, of course, floral jewelery on the radiator of the vehicle of the bride and groom.Conventional ring shapes, a heart, a double heart or intertwined decor rings are customary.The blank is equipped with real or artificial flowers and other accessories and attached by means of a flower wire and attached with suction cups to the wedding car.

This is professionally done by florists and gardeners according to your requirements, or you can select from pre-made designs the matching car decoration.

Such “Stardard” car jewelry is available from approx. 100 €.

2. Cheap carpet made of fabric/artificial flowers

More affordable and also more practical is Autodeko, which you can order in advance and can also attach the day before the wedding at the wedding car.

There are from decent to striking much beautiful decoration at Amazon:

Often, cars of a bride and groom also show car jewels in the form of signs that are attached above the number plates and which bear inscriptions like “Just Married”, “Newly Married” or the names of the bridegroom.Prefabricated signs, which are specifically designed for the occasion of the wedding, can be bought at low costs eg at Amazon.

Actually, the cover of official license plates is not permitted, but on such a unique day, of course, every policeman both eyes shut – the risk of risking a penalty on the day of the wedding is really low (but we do not guarantee !).Of course you can also place such signs on the rear window of the vehicle.Often you can see cushions or decorative materials in the rear with a corresponding inscription.

4. Antenna loops for the wedding guests

The bridal couple car and also the vehicles of the relatives and friends who form the autocorso are often provided with loops, which are attached to the doors, exterior mirrors and/or the antennas.

Particularly the attachment to the antennas is preferable as car jewelery, because they can be particularly well perceived.After all, passers-by should also experience the spectacle around the wedding.

If you want to tinker the antenna loops yourself, you can also save some money.

Instead of the loops, for example, pennants can also be attached to the antennas. Also – usually heart shaped and red – balloons ensure guaranteed look.