Connect the Printer Tray to Special Print Operation

You want to link a particular operation to a paper tray in your printer or multifunction machine. For example, the machine should always pull the paper from the multi-purpose tray for copies. In this tip, we explain how to set up the network devices.

Locate the IP address of the printer: In order to use the multi-purpose tray of your laser printer with a fixed function, you first need to enter the IP address of your printer to access the web interface of the printer. You can find the address via the control panel. For example, click Menu-> Network Settings or Menu-> System Settings. Locate the IP address and note the sequence of numbers-about

Web page of the printer: Enter the IP address directly after ” out site” in the address line of your web browser. The setup page of your network printer will open. The management pages are often Java-based. For this reason, you must have the Java Runtime environment installed at After downloading, run the installation. You can then configure your network printer.

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Set a fixed function: In order to pull the paper from the multi-purpose tray for all copying operations, look for “Additional functions” in the “Copy” web interface. If the Web Interface is in English, search for “Copy” and “Additional Settings”. Click on it to see what options you can set for the copy process. The multipurpose tray often runs under an abbreviation such as “MPT” (Multipurpose Tray). Look for it, and then click “OK” or “Update”. This sets the multi-purpose tray of your multifunction machine to copy operations. The unit displays an appropriate message on the control panel and also indicates whether there is paper in the tray. How many settings in the driver are possible depends on the functional scope of your multifunction device. However, the procedure always remains the same. For example, if you want to print from the cassette automatically on both sides, select the appropriate paper cassette and the “Duplex” function. The paper format or the paper type – such as plain paper, envelopes or labels-can also be fixed. Conversely, you can also undo or modify operations here.