Complete, Integrated and Colorful

Pop Style

Colorful tiles are cute too! Impossible not to be charmed with their colors, their designs and formats. And it seems that they were specially made for kitchens, so perfect that they get when they are used on the walls. In the pediment, fall like a glove. Was the colorful tiles that inspired the composition of this kitchen. The reasons of the patterned adhesives used in guided the other setting choices, so it was decided to create a dining area with “footprint” pop, modern and creative.

To accentuate the mood and get a vibrant cuisine, were used in paints bright colors on the walls. The tomato-red, a stimulating color, helped create a dynamic and cheerful environment. However, with the intent of ease and modernise the composition, the side wall was blackened, as the use of gray.White cabinets straight lines also helped soften the environment. Also with the expectation of update and ennoble the kitchen appliances were adopted leaner, straight lines and visual “clean”. This formula (retro touches, associated with power lines more moderninhos) is a trend that the architects and interior designers are suggesting to dining environments. The integration of the kitchen, sets that took time in contemporary homes, also is another hallmark of this environment. Here, the partition is made of a simple way: with a MDP associated with stools. So easy and economical, American-style bench criouse, which serves to delimit and also for meals. Finally, other color tones help to create a varied palette. The yellow stools are a charm only. And the objects exposed on shelves decorate the kitchen, bringing grace – and, of course, organizing and making everything by hand.

Shelf: good call
Cheaper than furniture and more delicate than large closets, shelves are good options to occupy the top or kitchen corner. Help to let everything by hand and still favor the room decoration.

Organizers, pots and colored objects will bring fun to your kitchen. Invest in Nice parts, as the trio of hermetic cans, Armarinhos Fernando, which cost R $77.

Tile adhesive

This is new! Use specific tile adhesives or wall sticker surfaces is a recent proposal from The device helps update the House, without having to make a sudden reform (and expensive!), as the exchange of finishes would require. Sold in sets, they allow the creation of various compositions and the Exchange when necessary. The idea will stick!

A new way to reform. The kit of stickers to 30 I-stick tiles cost R $180. Say goodbye to that heavy coat and old!

Colors in everything!
The decoration of the present day is not afraid of strong tones. As it turns around, the vibrant shades are on the walls, in the finishes, furniture and accessories. The secret to adopt this trend is know quantitate. You can, for example, set up a “layout” of space and color with crayons, before risk change.

Table set
Create a composition between American game, plate, cutlery and cups can leave any meal tastes better. The visual romantic and relaxed atmosphere of this “dinner Italian” mixing prints, textures and colors, like chess, floral, wood and neon.

Work on the countertop and metal choice. These two elements enobrecem the kitchen, giving an air of cleanliness, modernity and even sophistication.

The American
The integration with social environments, and is a feature that gives the House more stylish, also favors the use of space.

Worth making a full disclosure, as in this case, or partial, safeguarding a stretch of wall, which can be used as a Workbench, for example;
Never forget to check the piping and wiring before retirement. Let a professional take care of it;
To adopt, provision must be made for the escape of smoke, checking for window around and sufficient ventilation. Otherwise, you must adopt a hood or hood;
Pay attention to the tread pattern, the junction of the walls and the finish used.In an environment exposed, everything must be in harmony;
After you have defined the layout of the environment, abuse of beautiful, charming parts appliances, functional stools and what more the creativity to send. Make your kitchen the point of attraction of the home.