Complete Guide to Lighting in Gypsum

To compose a modern, spacious, beautiful and functional environment, several factors have to be taken into account – and one of the main ones is lighting.That’s why Hometeka and Gaya have put together everything you need to know to get the right cast on your project.

For this, the plaster ceiling to lower the ceiling has been used more and more – this is a measure that, in addition to practice, meets the current trends of interior design.

Gypsum is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to masonry walls (or even to replace them). In addition, they are easy to install, versatile and the drying is fast – the result is ready in a few hours. By being easily moldable, it is possible to lower ceiling, make frames, galleries for curtains, among others.

One of the main uses of gypsum in interior design is in recessed ceiling with recessed lighting. But for this to work, the right foot of the environment must lose at least 15cm – this is the minimum size so that lights can be installed inside the liner.

With this idea, you can direct the light to highlight objects in your home décor, add value to your room, customize your home’s lighting, or bring light to a table.In addition, the built-in lighting heats less and does not overshadow as much as conventional lighting.

In this case, the models of most used luminaires are the spots – small lamps that can direct or complement the illumination.

But, before application, it is important to decide any electric lighting and environmental lighting design.In this way, it is easier to predict what will happen and what will not go through the plaster lining, besides simplifying when choosing the position of each lamp in the ceiling.

Another application of plaster in the project is the molding – frame normally made of plaster and installed at the point where the liner and the wall meet.It can be smooth or decorated, open or closed, with or without lighting.

In the open molding, the opening of the frame faces the center of the room, and in the span the light can be embedded so that it reflects on the ceiling and illuminates the room.In that case, you can choose to embed tubular bulbs.

In the closed crown molding, there is no opening, and it is only possible to use direct lighting – here, the spots are also a good alternative to the lamp.

Plaster is a great ally to personalize your home, giving coziness, functionality and beauty to any environment.Bet on the lining and crown molding for a unique visual effect.