Compact Vult: Facial Cosmetic Tips, New Beauty Products

Compact Vult: Cosmetic Facial Tips.

New compact packaging Vult, cosmetic facial tips and beauty makeup products.

BB products, are really a dream of women, Good, beautiful and most importantly, cheap. It’s really something kind of hard to see, especially in the world of cosmetics, who hardly blink the eye comes a new super innovative and which is also very expensive, because it is new and promise miracles.

Thus most cheap, accessible to more people lose a lot of credibility because they are judged as bad, or who do not have such technology as the other. Well, I am the following opinion, if the product is not worth the price I do not buy! For example, in the field of clothing, there are several brands that sell outrageously expensive parts, some of which are not fabrics are of high quality and that, even if they are, you know they’re not even worth half the price you’re paying for the piece and that , many unfortunately, pay miseries to the seamstresses of confections that produce!

So if I can find any product I buy, for functionality that will exercise for me isn’t worth the price, I won’t buy.

So many people misjudge the marks, because they think she doesn’t have high functionality, but the price of them, I’m not saying all, but some, worth what they offer!

The Vult, a brazilian cosmetics company that is less than 10 years in the market and who have innovated a lot of their lines, improved the quality of some products to achieve a more demanding public. Many people complain about the quality of products of the brand, but the compare with others that have higher prices and much more functionality and new technology, but they forget to judge the product by your designated functionality and price.

That’s what happens with the Compact Vult, that since I started using it has changed a lot, starting with packaging that is now more modern, with a transparent display in front and below the product case a mirror with a space to store the sponge.

The compact Vult has medium-textured, is not too thin or too thick, it’s good for anyone who wants to add more coverage in makeup, is dry and lasts well for a common powder. The modernisation of the brand now it costs about R$15,00 and worth your price for what it offers, and may be found in any perfumária or pharmacy.

Combining your makeup with a good primer of skin and eyes, she promises to last longer with products that are not judged as durable in the skin, giving life to any makeup. Check out the site out site and see the new lines and innovations made by the mark, in addition to the Compact Vult!