Clothes that Fine: Tune Your Legs

Who has thick legs usually suffer a little time for shopping, especially in the choice of skirts and pants, they almost always end up loose at the waist and tight thighs. But, nothing like good fashion clothes tips to solve the problem, which, contrary to what it looks like, is very simple to solve. Follow, below, the parts that come in your wardrobe and you should pass away.


Pants flared: suits who have calves and ankles thick because your SAG hides the lumps.

Dress or skirt evasê: thick legs are balanced when contrasted with the diameter of the sheath. The long skirts are also perfect because hiding completely the problem.

High Sandals slippers type: when there’s no cops, ankles seem to taper towards the fingers. Anabela type sandals are also great options because the thick chunky ankles balanced jumps.

Solid boots which end at the knees: are wonderful because fine-tune your legs.


Fuseau pants, capri and jeans with tapered legs: highlights exactly the problem.Any piece that ends in calf height acts as a decoy for the bulky site. The tapered jeans, then, makes it seem that the pants are tight.

Dress or skirt that has skewed cut: fair body, are doing everything that is shown after the slash, no matter where you finish (ankle, calf or knees), win huge.

Sandal with ankle strap: definitely, prohibited, because the strap detail draws attention to the bulge of the legs. As well as the mule with delicate jump, why make it look like the shoe can’t support the weight of the legs, low-tipped shoes, because the delicacy of the beak will make it appear that the ankle is tight in the shoe.

Skirts or dresses with boots that end at the time of the calves or snub: the space between the sheath and the beginning of the barrel of the boot gets featured. Boots should be worn with pants.