Clothes for Summer Work

The arrival of hot days, it becomes a problem for women to choose  what clothes to go to work in the summer . In this heat it is difficult to choose a piece that refreshes, but at the same time is not vulgar or too daring for the professional environment.

Thinking about it, the  IMulher  today separated the main  trends and pieces that you can combine to go to work , so you will be much more comfortable, elegant, fresh and without arriving at work all disassembled. For you who do not know what clothes to work with or if you have a job interview , follow our tips.

Ideas to work in the summer


There are  two options of dresses to be worn at work . Dresses that are more light, frilly or sleeveless, but not short. The ideal length is knee length, if it is shorter than this, put low shoes to not give impression of micro-accessories.

Avoid wearing very fair dresses that mark the body a lot, do not forget that you are going to work, so leave aside the cutouts, crevices and lace. The other option is long dresses in which you can abuse colors and fabrics. Let go of the low-cut dresses.


Shirts can come in sleeves ¾ or short sleeves, if you can not use in your work environment choose the long with light fabrics like silk that is fashionable and combines both with tailor pants and skirts.

Tailor’s shop

Parts with straight and classic cuts are ideas for this summer, at this time of the year you are free to wear any type of clothing the differential is the fabric in which it is made. Straighter pants can be more comfortable than skinning pants. Suits only if they are very light, otherwise you will be very hot.


The use of the skirt is a matter of common sense, any woman can go to work with this piece since it can balance the environment with the piece. Pencil skirt is a good request to match the look, being high waist make the body elegant. Invest in the double pencil skirt and silk shirt. But do not forget that the length should be close to the knee so as not to vulgarize the combination and become a joke in the office.


There are women who do not like using this piece to work, but she can get into her closet yes. The  shorts tailoring can combine with the more formal setting, but do not use shorts that resemble shorts but they have a longer length. Can be worn with high heels or high heels.

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