ClÁUdio Ramos:Shoes of ‘Controversy’ already have Owner

“Okay, first of all thank the more than two hundred readers who have sent an email in the mood to get the shoes of the controversy,” said the commentator.

If solved for Cláudio Ramos.The ‘discord’ shoes already have a new owner.And if it’s not not the issue, then we’ll give you a brief summary of the story.

Recently, the commentator posted on social networks, the photograph of one of his pairs of shoes.So far so good, were it not for the fact that they have come under criticism from some followers.

Now, Claudio did not go ‘fashions’ and decided to offer the shoes to one of the readers. And from what he himself reported on his blog –, they already have a new owner.

“Well, first of all, thank the more than two hundred readers who sent me an e-mail that wanted to keep the shoes of the controversy.”It was a lot more than I would have expected, it gave me ideas, lots of ideas! Couple and I can only reward one.It was contemplated was Tiago Sousa, because in addition to identifying himself needs positive energy and strength to work.Let’s do it James! The shoes are on the way, then we show the photo here on the Blog … Very Thank you all, but calm, those who have not won do not be sad.There are good things to happen and it is always worth not to give up … Combined? “He writes.

However, he recalls with a certain irony:

“Ps:I’m here to remind myself of a knitted cardigan I wore in a production for the VIP that also gave a lot to talk about.”