ClÁUdio Ramos Responds to Criticism about ‘Ugly Shoes’

The presenter commented on his blog.

Cláudio Ramos has been criticized on social networks because of a pair of shoes he will have used and shared in a photo with fans on social networks.

“The ugliest you’ve ever taken, no doubt,” reads one of the commentary on the photo.

Faced with this, the presenter did not remain silent and decided to comment on the subject in a publication:

“And suddenly my shoes are ugly !? No, they are not! I read: ‘Cláudio Ramos shoe criticized on social networks.”Well, that is, I accept criticism and then I do with them what I understand. I used them some time ago, they offered me maybe a couple of years ago, I had never worn them before, I played the game with polka dots and pinstripes, I love to play with I want to let them know that they are from a brand called M: Zero, and exactly because they are different, and that they are funny! They do not care That you fit them again, no!

PS – There is a mistake here:the socks should be black rather than dark blue.I was wrong.I see! “He wrote.

What is your opinion about Cláudio Ramos’ controversial shoes?