Classic Fashion Style

We have previously highlighted the fall collections of several classic British and Italian manufacturers. Therefore we thought we now take a look at what the Americans have to offer. American fashion previously have often been associated with at fit and a rather pale design seems to have undergone a total change. Or what do you think?

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece
Thom Browne is probably just as hated as loved. Actually, maybe it’s a little too bad to categorize Browne as a classical men’s fashion, but the silhouette and the idiom he advocates has undoubtedly influenced even the classic fashions. Brownes collaboration with Brooks Brothers , which resulted in the collection Black Fleece is much more classic than Browne’s own collection. The characteristic short jackets and pants, however, permeates the entire collection.

Ralph Lauren
That Ralph Lauren has managed to build up a huge strong brand appreciated all over the world, not least in Sweden, is quite easy to understand. Some skeptics claim that Ralph Lauren is a pale and overpriced copy of its ideals, Savile Row, but Ralph Lauren have undoubtedly a wide collection that attracts many. Purple Label is the most luxurious collection and contains the well-tailored suits in sober colors with luxury accessories in a slightly more daring color choice. Black Label is as the name suggests, black and very minimalist while Polo Ralph Lauren collection contains lots of tweed and knitwear.

Tommy Hilfiger
If Ralph Lauren is criticized for being a copy of Savile Row, criticizing Tommy Hilfiger rather to be a pale copy of Ralph Lauren. Many people associate the brand with otherwise for big t-shirts and baggy jeans, but Hilfiger’s efforts a little more dressy style in collection Tailored has meant a clear boost to the brand. Autumn collection mixes flannel with a pretty preppy style. The round collar extra Club is a fun element in the collection.

Duncan Quinn
The American tailor Duncan Quinn is relatively unknown to the Swedish market, but for those who appreciate classic men’s fashion with a little controversy is Duncan Quinn well worth a closer look. Not least is Duncan Quinn himself extremely stylish and good source of inspiration.

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