Circus Hair Holds The 4th Edition Of The Vintage Fair

The day December 13, Sunday from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm, happens the Circus Vintage Fair 2015. The event, designed by Circus Hair, aims to stimulate the sale of used products and unique pieces made by hand and, of course, to celebrate the vintage. The public gives the participation of Hatter Du E-Holic, the thrift store My grandmother owned andSebossauro Records. The music stays with the folk band the Bard and the Banjo and the DJs who take turns at the sound of BRAZILIAN POPULAR MUSIC, swing jazz, rock, funk and soul 80.
Held since 2012, Circus Fair draws on Vintage fairs that happen in Europe. The free event values the culture of used, with quality products, unique and. Representatives of the sectors of thrift stores, vinyls, accessories, handicraft products and Comics are the highlights.
“The fair is an important moment to meet exhibitors and disseminate both the vintage fashion as the handmade works. It is a thrift store that carries a unique story or a copyright product done manually, both have a feature in common: they are endowed with meaning “, says Rodrigo Lima, founder and Creative Director of Circus Hair.
Booths and attractions
Vintage Circus Fair visitors will have the opportunity to experience the vintage culture with booths as My grandmother had, one of the country’s most famous thrift shops specializing in clothing and accessories;the flea market Circus, who works with used parts, new and second-hand; the thrift store unique piece, the Pied de Poule and the flea market, which will bring clothing and accessories of high quality imported and domestic; It’s Old but it’s Clean, Facebook group that performs purchase, sale and exchange of clothes and accessories new and used; Vintage boutique, specializing in clothing and accessories and Pay 2nd hand shop, which will present clothes and imported articles.
The Hatter Du E-Holic will also be present at the fair. The designer of hats that don’t ever get tired of saying that works in that love, dropped a stable and profitable career in the world of electronics to embrace a passion for hats. Du sewing every day and to the Circus will have ready-made templates Vintage Fair and on-the-spot creations.
Anyone visiting the event also can learn and acquire other types of vintage culture products. The Saw-nil Records and Sebossauro lead disks for those of you who want to increase the collection and the Monkix Comic Shop will enthrall aficionados for comics.
Already fans of the craft are news in the shops of Jubalu, with home decor; the dolls of ETC & Arts; ISA Maiolino playing games Americans; Her Fiore exposes their lingeries and Mentha presents stationery, mobiles and photographs.
Ngo (Special Invitation)
Who loves cats can not miss the gift shop of Catland, with various accessories inspired by felines. The NGO’s main objective is to raise awareness about responsible ownership. To do this, perform effective actions as lectures and events.
Power supply
For anyone interested in trying out groceries, the Circus Vintage Fair offers a space dedicated to gastronomy, with snacks Just Drumsticks, which features, in addition to the traditional chicken, different flavors between savory and sweet; Food Churro Factory Bike, with the delicacy in several flavors of fillings and a Brigadier, with several flavors of Brigadier gourmet. Drinks will be sold by the Circus Pub.
The sound of Vintage Circus Fair is the DJs Rêh Wlaczyka (swing jazz), Lia M (MPB),Fabiano Bulgarelli (80 ‘s Rock) and DJ Xavier (Funk, Soul). There will also be a pocket show with the Bard and the Banjo, folk and bluegrass Quartet that plays without cables and amplifiers. The Circus also present with the hairdresser, the Itinerant Lounge Spud Fernando and Andrea tatttoos flash Mine, the local tattoo artist.
Vintage circus Fair-4th Edition
When: 12/13/2015 | Time: 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Location: Rua Augusta, 1026, Consolation – free entry.