Christian Speaks About Perfume

Nutmeg, bergamot or Persian amber? Choosing perfume comes across as nuclear physics in comparison against to find a neat höstblazer. At the same time holds the smells a big part of our personality. Christian Hughes, co-owner and founder of Cow perfumery, mean that a successful choice of perfume must be based in devotion.

Christian and Wenche Hughes started the Cow perfumery in 1999. The goal has since been to offer high-quality products such as cosmetics, fragrance and skin care. The fragrance side are well-known brands like Commes de Garcons, L’artisan Parfumeur and acclaimed Byredo. The concept includes shops at Mäster Samuelsgatan 9, NK Stockholm and Gothenburg as well as fashion department store Illum in Copenhagen.

Christian speaks with genuine enthusiasm about perfumes and believe that fragrances are essential to how we are perceived.
-I usually say to choose fragrances with the same care that you choose a woman. A really good perfume is a love. It will not only smell good. It will be impossible to resist.

What is then a successful fragrance?
-The ideal is to find a signature scent that people associate with one’s person and to carry all their lives. But the truth is that it is something few can find. I myself have not found it yet but have a wardrobe of fragrances that I vary depending on my mood and what clothes I wear.

What should a mere personal considerations in the choice of perfume?
-It is important to choose a fragrance based on their personality and not what is trendy. Reason that the aromas that today is perceived as a timeless classic is because they are really good. Fragrances that are too trend base get very quickly out of date.
Fragrances are very tied to the person. Many have probably tried a friend’s perfume as they first thought to have smelled delicious, but that is not at all suited for a tutorial. It is also what is fascinating with perfumes. How an identical aroma can be experienced in very different ways depending on who is wearing it. A friend’s sister-in-law has a perfume she used since the 1980s and actually smells pretty awful. She’s probably the only one who fits in it which is pretty awesome.

Christian advocates timeless scents, but mean while to season plays an important role.
-During the summer is our skin slightly oilier and secrete stronger scents. It allows heavy scents easily become overpowering. During the winter months, and especially in the large urban environment there are quite few fragrances. Then heavier tones far better suited. It’s a bit like wine. Very few would drink heavy Rioja wines during the summer.

For those who have not yet found their personal fragrance are strongly Christian to bet on at least on two scents.
-Many men use a perfume until it ends and then buy a new one. My suggestion is to instead buy an extra scent when the other is half full. Then it is much easier to vary with the season and occasion.

How long does a perfume?
-A perfume that will be dark and cool survive at least 10 years. If it is too hot, it can oxidize and lose the scent significantly faster. A tip for those who have many perfumes is to save the packaging and store it in a container of them.

How applies to best a perfume?
-I always recommend using a moisturizer before applying the perfume. The alcohol in the perfume has a drying effect which these creams counteract while feeling slightly milder. The best is to use the perfume where the skin is as fat as in the neck under the hair. Overall, in places where the skin is warm is good. Then develop the smells extra good.

Three of Christian’s favorite perfumes:
Hinoki by Commes de Garcons for Monocle
According to Christian, our crisp scent with hints of coniferous plant cypress.

Guerlain Vetiver
Classic fragrance where grass species Vetiver is Perfume baston, along with tobacco and tonka bean. The perfume houses of nutmeg, pepper, Orange, bergamot and lemon.

L’artisan Parfumeur R&D d’ Absinthe
R & d d ‘ Absinthe means crazy in Absinthe in Swedish. The highly dubious spirit drink also constitutes the basis for the fragrance.