Children’s Backpacks Collection 2017

Stay within the options of Backpacks for Children 2017 before buying a model for your child.

Many brands are launching collection of Backpacks Infant 2017, with cute characters, intense colors and models that attract the little ones. But if you’re on a tight budget and you know how to sew, you can make a backpack for your child to use next year, after all, in times of economic crisis, nothing better than saving as much as possible. But remembering that to save money you do not have to give up beauty or cuteness.

Children’s Backpacks Collection 2017

To make children’s felt backpack you will need:

Felts with the colors or prints of your choice;

Sewing line with the color matching the chosen materials;

Common scissors;

Tape measure;

Sewing pins;


Sewing machine;

Iron for ironing and thermocoupling interlining (optional);

Zipper with color matching with chosen felts;

Circular object or a compass, to serve as a template for a circle;

Acrylic blanket or other filler of your choice;

Chalk or pencil for sewing.

Children Backpacks Models 2017

Cut circles on felts and interlining. Secure the braid. On the front, stitch or border the details, which can be the face of a character or the details you desire. Sew your legs and arms and fill them.Sew ears if you wish, and attach all the pieces to the front. Sew the zipper in two pieces and sew this part in the other that will be the side strip of the backpack. Sew the side strip on the front.To finish your piece, open the zipper and sew the back part. And it’s ready!

The backpack collection 2017 you find beautiful models for girls and girls and a wide variety of prices. A good tip is to research the price of the backpack in several stores with the character your child wants, so you can save money.