Childcare: Sleeping Bags

Last night reminded of questions I had before having the baby about sleeping bags. Even if all the parents I know I spoke wonders of this invention, I had with me. And should be some of the most common among those who not yet had discovered its virtues because months later I who recommend it to anyone who wants me to listen.

One of the fears that I had is that leaving the arms bare, became cold quickly, especially the hands. That explanation given the manufacturers about the micro-climate that is created inside the bag and that “airs” through the holes of the arms seemed to me very improbable; now I attest that isn’t it. I have never had cold hands, nor arms.

Once your baby starts to move in the cradle, or put a bag or how are you arropas?. I wonder what used our mothers to get us covered more than five minutes, it seems to me quite impossible. As much as you remetas the sheets and blankets, just taking the legs over in a snap, however small that are. If they are already older babies, or we are talking about.

For my has been the great discovery of the world of the childcare. So much so that if the bag still love my child think using it to well older, that I have seen that there are bags for up to six year olds!

About where to buy them, the most difficult physical stores find are the spring and summer, but winter I’ve seen them up in Primark (cheaper, impossible!).

Online (which is the option that I see more comfortable) I recommend, as always, PIMASLEEPINGBAGS. They have many kids’ sleeping bags. You will find the one that you like.

Certainly if someone is thinking about a useful for a baby gift I do not hesitate to buy a sack, I think it is a sure hit.