Check out Tips of Funny Shirts

Shirts with funny phrases have been on the market for several years. From models with classic phrases such as “I love beer” to shirts that featured satire on mothers-in-law, these t-shirts are always very successful at parties, friendships or even when used at work or college.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, many other terms that are used in the world wide web of computers like the famous “Keep Calm…” and many others now print hundreds of models of  funny shirts, that can be found for sale in diverse sites in the internet .

However, care must be taken when wearing one of these shirts.Some may contain content that for some people may be considered abusive as sexist, feminist messages or that disrespect the family members of those who may see you wearing the shirt.

Therefore, you should choose your shirt well, so that your joke does not result in a black eye at the end of the day! Here are some model tips you can get to have fun with your friends on a number of occasions.

The most famous funny shirts of the moment are those that carry the famous “memes” of the internet. These badly drawn cartoons make a huge success on the internet with the famous “comic strips”, which are comic strips assembled with them and that tell thousands of everyday situations.

Among the most sought after prints are the “Troll Face” meme, which represents a person who likes to “piss” the others by playing tricks, the “Poker Face” meme, which represents a person who is perplexed by some situation and the “Yao Ming, “who with his sadistic laughter represents a person who does not care about anything around him.

Another type of shirts for funny shirts that are quite successful are those that bring satire with TV personalities and movies and serials.Among the main ones are the prints of “Seu Madruga”, a famous character from the series “Chaves”; “Mussum”, the famous character of the series “The Trapalhões” and many others.

Another type of shirts that are quite successful are those that bring messages related to drinks. These models are widely used by people in moments of relaxation with friends such as the famous “happy hour” after work or at parties in general. Each one brings a funny phrase or design like satires with beer logos, friends helping others in unusual situations and many others. Find the funny shirt that suits you best and enjoy having fun at the carnival!