Check Out These Tips on Clothing for Travel

While people spend a lot of time and energy thinking, planning and if stressing out about what they’re going to take on a trip, little is thought in garments to the trip itself. From the starting point to the end, flights are full, plane changes, or even, to subway, train, bus. Regardless of personal taste for clothing, is not very suitable to play the Lady Gaga in time to start the trip.

Not only is it smart to dress comfortably and quietly (after all no one is obliged to deal with long scarves and scarves of the passenger), as is a necessity.

Think of layers

The temperature inside the aircraft can be close to freezing, quite different from the temperature of the entire city prior to shipment. Sweatshirt jackets and sweaters are easily placed and removed – body and bag. If even the sexy Rihanna opts for comfort, because the poor mortals would do different?

Without unnecessary grips

Larguinhas pants, Sweatshirts with strings for fit, yoga pants-all this can be used on longer trips. But avoid the belts. They will have to be removed and placed in the wake of the scanner and will create unnecessary pressure on the abdomen during the long hours of travel.

How much wider, better

The airport is pretty important costume because the person not only has to sit in seats narrow most of the time, but also have to pass through airport security, check-in, the food court, for bathrooms. That’s why the most appropriate can be a maxi dress or a long skirt, which delivers little and will not create embarrassment, leaving the movements-and blood circulation – free.

No Sandals Gladiators

“This is Sparta!” Gladiators sandals are the ones that the cops are up high on calf. Many people think that the creeping Gladiators are comfortable because they jump. But, in addition to the questionable taste, there’s still the issue of the movement of the legs. A few hours are enough to do your ankles swell up and strips that footwear will not help anything.

Socks to I love you

Use socks. Even if it is heat, a pair of comfy socks (preferably ones without handle) and soft shoes are best asked to travel, whether by plane, train, bus or between one and the other. As stated above, the temperature varies greatly within those means of transport – usually down.

Let the jewelry to after

Gems or jewelry. If the person is a fan of maxi, maxi, maxi earrings necklaces rings, it is better to contain: with all the hustle and bustle and the removal in sectors of security, it is better to have very little to worry about, or anything. If the commitment requires a more refined production, put the accessories in a zip lock bag for when you land.

Scarves are useful

As we said above, nobody is obliged to handle very long passenger accessories next. This is not to say that scarves are not useful. Are too! Keeping the neck warm, or even serving as a small blanket, scarf is 1001 utilities on long trips.

Simplify the Bras

Yes, padded Bras, those with metal rods, can be a problem in time to pass through airport security. They can trigger the metal detectors. Nowadays there are padded Bras that are not metal, but if one wants real comfort should opt for tops or Bras seamless-and leave the more prepared for when you are at the destination.

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