Cell Phone Fees Eat Up Pocket Money of Teenagers

Mobile Phone Charges – the Largest Debt Trap for Young German

young people in Germany turn every seven and a half minutes on her cell phone–that can really raise the mobile charges. Because over time the whole can be pretty expensive, they accumulate average debt to telephone and Internet providers as a result, who then have to stutter up off it.

Young people turn every seven and a half minutes average on her cell phone. That it can also quite cost what cell phone fees, many do not think about. And have to pay dearly for it: on average are the under 25 years, to 2013 by the debt counselling agencies have advised that leave, 1350 euros for the providers of phone and Internet services in the chalk, which reports in any case, the Federal Statistical Office. This amount accounted for 18%, i.e. almost a fifth, average of total debt. While the average income of the young debtor was beginning the debt advice service at 725 euro – it costs almost two Nettogehälter the young debtor so average to again get rid of their debts.

Young People are Three Hours Per Day on Your Smartphone

Now young Germans spend about three hours a day on their Smartphone, daily turn 135 times it average.

Compared to the older debtors are the liabilities of young debtors who have accumulated with their mobile phone fees and co., significantly higher. The older debtors you make for “only” 850 euro to paying phone charges for the telephone and Internet providers average. And while the young debtor among telecommunications providers with their mobile phone charges are similar to deep in the chalk at the banks that it looks different from the older debtors: the liabilities which they have in banks, are twenty times higher than their debt at companies with them. The main reason for the excessive debt doesn’t matter all the loss of employment but, whether young or old.

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