Celebrity Cross Necklaces

It is no longer today that the crucifix necklaces of Hollywood stars haunt the Vatican. For Christians, the symbol of the cross is sacred to self-sacrifice. But for celebrities, it does not mean that much anymore. For the stars, crucifix necklaces have become a luxury accessory and totally exhibitionist, since some come to cost fortunes!
Something much more than a personal prop, the crucifixes of celebrities boast more than a brilliant look. And the vulgarization of the crucifix is ​​highly condemned by the Vatican according to MUstownJEwelry. Catholics mainly rebuke the rich and famous, suggesting that they could be more generous with their wealth to avoid accusations of hypocrisy.

The Celebrity Crucifix Necklaces

Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Campbell and Catherine Zeta Jones were among the celebrities recriminated by the Catholic Church. According to an interview by Fides, a Vatican-based charity, they said that there is a widespread fashion of crucifix necklaces filled with diamonds and precious stones and that these entertainment personalities have become a sacred object as the craze of the moment, Being used more as an adornment than actually with some greater meaning.
Jennifer Aniston has often been seen wearing a crucifix necklace all studded with precious gems. And that caused so much controversy that the actress was never seen again using this accessory.
Presenter and former model Naomi Campbell has a huge collection of crucifix necklaces while actress Catherine Zeta Jones interweaves the use of her crucifixes , sometimes the actress wears an all-gold, sometimes another all studded with diamonds. For the Vatican, this mania is totally incomprehensible.
One of the big reasons the Vatican recriminates this one of using highly valuable crucifixes is that celebrities are willing to spend thousands of dollars on an accessory while several people suffer and starve themselves in the world. According to the Daily Mail, David and Victoria Beckham spent more than £ 40,000 on a matching pair of white gold crucifixes studded with dozens of square-cut diamonds.

But after all, can we use crucifixes without guilt?

The Catholic Church does not condemn the use of crucifixes, but it does disapprove of all that luxury around the symbol only for ostentation and status in the world of celebrities.
According to Father Paulo Renato Campos of the Diocese of São José, he stresses the importance of these objects not being seen as amulets by the population. The Catholic Church does not accept the use of amulets. “The believer must know that that object that he carries with him is not magic and should only refer to the remembrance of Christ,” he said.
According to the priest, the person who uses a scapular , for example, must remember Our Lady, have faith and feel protected. “But that does not mean the scapular will do any kind of magic,” he said. Just like the rosary and crosses that many people like to use. The important thing is to always have faith and believe in force majeure, but without linking the use of the object to amulets.