CCTV Installation Tips

Hello this tip will help you with security camera installations in your building, residential building and where you should install, which camera to install, which lens to use, which cable to use etc.

CCTV Installation Tips

Type of cable to use and why: We recommend the UTP or network cable for distances greater than 100 meters because it is usually cheaper and ideal for structured cabling CCTV (To check CCTV definitions, see since in today’s market we find Balun which sends power and video through the UTP cable with receiver who has this technology.

CCTV Installation Tips

Infra red IP cameras and why: We recommend Infra Red IP Cameras for External Areas and that generally controls the access to the condominium ordinances for example, this type of camera allows you to monitor even in the total darkness for having infra red and for being an IP camera you can configure it to access from anywhere and even by mobile with Android without mentioning the quality of Image.

CCTV Installation Tips 1

Lens type for CCTV camera external areas: Lens for outdoor areas cameras we recommend 2.5mm lenses with 1/3 CCD with 130 degree angle so that we can visualize the maximum external motion of the Residential Building.

Type of lens for CCTV camera to view vehicle plate: We recommend 16mm lens with CCD 1/3 angle of 21 degrees and with a distance of at least 10 meters so that the camera has time to record the image.

CCTV Installation Tips 2

Digital Video Recorder DVR: In order for you to have access to the image through the network as mentioned above you need the following DVR configuration:

  • Pentaplex function: playback of live and recorded images, recording, backup and remote access.
  • Camera blocking so that certain users do not view the images, network functions TCP/IP, DDNS, PPPoE, FTP, NTP, Bit Size, IP Filter.

CCTV Installation Tips 3

If you continue with doubts or lack any information, make your comment and we will help you in the best way possible.