Cctv Information

The closed-circuit television network uses a camera to observe an area, but camera images are not transmitted through the air to satellite receivers or television antennas, unlike those in television transmission networks. The images either store on the closed circuit television camera itself, or transmit to a monitor at another location through the closed circuit. Reducing Crime

Cctv Information

Some cities install closed caption television systems in parks, squares, streets and other public places around the city to reduce street crime. A police officer may see crimes in progress on the television displays, rather than having to wait for a victim to call the police. A police officer often has to patrol a large area, so installing closed caption cameras can reduce fuel costs for the police department
Red Light Camera A closed caption television. can automatically take photos of a traffic violation. One type of closed circuit television camera is a red light camera. The camera’s red light automatically takes a picture of a car that moves through a street intersection after the traffic light turns red, so police can easily identify the driver who violated the traffic laws.

a closed caption television system can be connected to a robot. The robot can rise in drainage systems, air conditioning vents and other places that are too small for a human to enter, and send back video footage that helps the maintenance team detect and repair any problems. According to the Bureau of Reclamation, sending a robot with an attached CCTV camera at is an alternative to obtaining an Occupational Health and Safety Association, which states that an area is safe for a human to enter.
identity Verify

CCTV systems can be used to confirm the identity of a standardized test subject, or license applicant of a driver, by the image of the closed camera, with photo ID documents of the corresponding person. Some closed caption television systems include software that can identify the face of an unknown human by combining it with images in a database such as passport photos or criminal mug shots.
Web Access

an organization can provide public access through a website to a closed caption television system. For example, a resort owner can allow a guest to view live images of the resort’s camera site so the guest can see what the area around the hotel looks like. The transport agency can display closed caption photos of a motorway for drivers, so they can see how long their journey will take.