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Rings Made Of Precious Stone Discs

The idea of “How can that work and be produced?” coming up at the sight of the gemstone rings by Tanja Emmert. The rings are very simple in their form and clearly designed-anything other than simple, however, is its processing. Tanja Emmert layers builds their rings with different types of precious stones. Continue reading

Discover The Heart Of Portuguese Jewelry

Understand the relationship between the Portuguese and the discoveries of Jewelry Portugal!

In the period between the late 18TH century and early 19th century,Portugal was still a great prominence located on the European continent. The highlight of the country was attributed mainly to thePortuguese jewellery which emerged and grew in abundance from the time of the Discoveries. Thus, Portugal found a place in the Sun in this little corner of Europe. Continue reading

LG G Watch R Can Be Pre-Ordered At Media Markt

LG has finally announced the G Watch R for its German market launch and was able to convince with a relatively low EIA. After all, they sank by 30 euros, originally 299 euros were thought. “Beginning of November” was issued as market launch, according to Media Markt the day of availability is to fall to the 11th of November. There the new Smartwatch can be pre-ordered already, at Amazon is missing, for example, and Saturn did not list them at the time of the publication of the contribution. Continue reading

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Prices

The Aviator type sunglasses make success among men and women, complementing the look for different occasions. The model can be modern and stylish at the same time, combines with different formats and enhances the charm of the look during the day. The Aviator sunglasses are manufactured by several brands, including as consecrated Ray Ban. Continue reading