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Outdoor Preview: News and Highlights Part 1: Isomatten

In some outdoor blogs lately often something”about the slight”world premieres at the OutDoor trade show in Friedrichshafen to read. Also I will briefly give you my personal highlights for next week. In this first part I will start with the mats. I hope that after the show I will be able to shed more information on the individual products.

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How to Buy a Fishing Pole

The fishing rod, as we know, is an article essential to fishing. Is she that makes it possible to work using baits to catch the animals. There are several types of fishing poles and the manufacturing material of each varies greatly. You can find natural versions – prepared with bamboo-, industrial-prepared with carbon fibres, glass and epoxy-or a merger of the two types.
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Learn about the Types of Fishing Line

We all know that one of the most disappointing for those who usually fishing happens when we let a fish go. In many situations the guilt of this failure is attributed to the quality of the fishing line, but are you really sure you’re using the ideal fishing line and the right way?
Thinking in this situation have prepared this article for you! Learn about the types of fishing line available on the market and find out how each one of them can help you at the time of fishing! Check out below!
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8 Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Discover ideas for reusing plastic bottles so useful, creative, didactic and friend of the environment.

Have you thought about protecting the environment and still take advantage of an object whose fate would be. Believe me, we all win if we take these ideas to reuse plastic bottles.

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DORA-A Helmet with Integrated Lighting

Straight out of a science fiction film, but results in an amazing draft of DORAbrand, through the designer name Balázs Filczer, a young student specializing in drawings of the world of transport and industry. The helmet DORA presents itself as a futuristic solution for all cyclists who use within the urban centres or on roads with traffic, incorporating an appealing controlled security system via Bluetooth since our bike handlebar.
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Childcare: Sleeping Bags

Last night reminded of questions I had before having the baby about sleeping bags. Even if all the parents I know I spoke wonders of this invention, I had with me. And should be some of the most common among those who not yet had discovered its virtues because months later I who recommend it to anyone who wants me to listen. Continue reading

Retro Gifts Suggestions for Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s day is coming, and with it, the question of what to buy for your baby. If so how do you, he or she loves retro, select products from the market place Vintage Chest, which are pure style and will facilitate your life at the time of choosing the perfect gift. Continue reading