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Colorful Shoes

Where to Buy, How to Wear and Models of Colored Shoes

The colorful shoes come to stay with many models of colorful shoes you can buy and stay in fashion that is doing very successful, colorful shoes is the new sensation the female fashion, colorful shoes are very successful with all ages, with pants and shirts colorful shoes make a lot of success, and here you will see where to buy, how to wear and the colorful shoes models, you can buy the colorful shoes in stores of malls, clothes fairs, and virtual stores. Continue reading

How to Customize Women’s Shoes

How to customize women’s shoes, this tips will help you transform that old shoe in a new play and full of style. And for this you can use simple materials that almost everyone has at home. It may be that at the beginning you find some difficulty in the process, but over time his plays are going to earn even more perfection. Let’s go to four pretty cool ideas to Customize women’s shoes.  Continue reading

Havaianas Sandals and Slippers

Havaianas Sandals or Slippers: How to Use, Where to Buy, New Models, Prices of Current Models of Havaianas Slippers.

Comfort and fashion often don’t go hand in hand, some trends that are thrown are not always comfortable or meet the stress of day to day, often bothering the user who takes an aversion for the product. We can see quite that high-heeled shoes that were replaced by the sneakers, which are more comfortable and conventional to toe that run through many paths in the course of the day. Continue reading

In Excess,High Heels Can Cause Varicose Veins and Thrombosis

Many women do not live without using the heels. These shoes are gorgeous and leave the more feminine woman we know, but your use must be in moderation. Check out what the jump and your height can cause and look for other models in heels more comfortable.

Footwear with heels decrease the amplitude of foot flexion and extension by restricting the blood pumping performed by the calf.”Just after a few hours with high heels, there will be blood stasis in the venous compartments with your speed reduction and enlargement of the veins in this location”,explains the vascular surgeon of the Hospital Nossa Senhora das Graças, Christian Schmitt. Continue reading

Learn How to Take Care of Your Bags and Shoes

The lovers of fashion trends and accessories, accompanying the changes in trade magazines and attractive window displays, end up surrendering the purchases that crowd the wardrobes. But in addition to the clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry and beauty products, also deserve care to maintain impeccable for casual and formal productions. Check out special tips from designer style Director Mya Haas, Christopher Fukada, and learn how to take care of their acquisitions. Continue reading