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Tips on How to Care: Tablecloths, Place mats and Napkins

I have received some questions from you guys asking me care tips that we should have with a Napkin, napkins and towels. And although it seems a simple question, I found interesting to make a post about it with some important precautions that should be taken, so that our American Games last much more. Continue reading

Where to Buy Tablecloths for Party

When preparing a party should think about everything from the local organization until the food and drinks and decoration. To maintain a standard of decoration, it is common to use patterned tablecloths, all in the same style and on the purchase these items appear a thousand doubts about models and prints.

Meet some sites that rely on various options of tablecloths, woven, textile, for party and disposable models accessible prices and easy payment methods. Continue reading

Tablecloths Models and Prices

The tablecloths are used for centuries to make decorated environment and protected table as it is on the table that the foods are placed to be tasted, but most of the time always fall solid or liquid foods on the table and the role of the towel is protect m ESA of these foods.But the towels must be of good quality, because some foods are difficult to be taken from the tissues leaving stains on the towel, but these are the towels to base themselves on the table and being placed on the towel.There are towels of various materials, but the best known are those of fabric, plastic and paper and can be used in various occasions, will depend on the taste of each one. Continue reading

Important Measures And Distribution Ideas In The Bathroom

Hi guys! The Carnival is over, so let’s start this Eighth (!!!) year of the Simple Decoration, attending to thousands of requests from our readers, who turn around and ask for ideas to distribute, take action and organize a box, sink, Hour of construction or renovation of small bathrooms. I made a selection of measures and ideas for you. Look at it! Continue reading

Hand-Embroidered Tablecloths

For those who want to acquire hand-embroidered tablecloths, you must know that today in our story we’ll talk a little more about this work of art that is the hand-embroidered tablecloth, and to make embroidery a towel hand requires a lot of patience , experience and capacity of people, because the process is somewhat slow of exhausting, having to be carried out in stages, check out our full story for more information about the hand-embroidered tablecloths. Continue reading

How to Choose the Ideal Toy for Dog

  • Size, colors and other details should be taken into account before buying a toy for the dog. Learn how to find the perfect item for your fun buddy!

You can’t resist and are buying a new toy for your dog? Just go to the Pet Shop, who is buying a souvenir? Certainly, they love to win balls, bones, Critters and other treats that can be easily found in stores, but you can pick the ideal toy for your dog? Initially, the owner should take into consideration the characteristics that are associated with the dog, such as the gut, behavior and personality. Continue reading

Shower Trays for Bathrooms

You often hear of shower tray and shower tray, but do you know the difference between these two elements essential to your bathroom? Check out this must-see of the shower!

Shower tray and shower tray: their common points

If the shower Pan and shower tray moved differently, they still have some points in common. Although this seems obvious, the shower and the shower tray are all an integral part of the shower and so are to be

Continue reading