Carpisa Travel Bags

They were eventually diviulgate pictures of the new collection of bags Carpisa for the autumn winter 2010 2011, for now will be provided with photos of the ad campaign that still gives us an idea of the style that Carpisa offers us for next season. Compared to the past spring summer 2010 season we have a style a bit ‘more serious, the colors and the fresh style and glitz of a young girl or woman who seeks baglib gives way to the businesswoman, the student with the head affixed but fortunately there is also much else!

Carpisa proposes chic and gorgeous bags suitable for the young career woman, the students and also women who love to travel, one large and varied style for every occasion can suggest the most suitable model.

Carpisa offers us the opportunity to choose from many models, buckets and large trunks, trunks trendy and fashionable, backpacks and handbags, shoulder bags or simple maxi type postman, we have various materials, synthetic leather, leather, fabric and various tissues.

The advertising campaign Carpisa shows us her bags in everyday life, I like how it fits the creations at various times of typical days of us girls, at work, in the office, strolling with friends, in short, look at the adv and choose the bags that color your winter.