Cardigan Cats + Melissa Peace SEEN

It is usually at the beginning of the week that we need that look more tidy, be it for a meeting in the Office for another day at the Office or for a way out after work.

Considering that whatever the situation or event that we all like to feel good with us and with the mirror.

Is there anything better than go to bed with the production of the next day all in the head?

Or so for that delicious espriguiçada before getting out of bed and the first coffee of the day deciding what to wear? This daily dose of vanity sharpens our mood and yields beautiful smiles in a good day!

Our inspiration of today is full of romance, is the one composition that brings comfort, beauty and good vibes.

One of the pieces chosen are super Darling, cardigan with prints of cats and hearts, in addition to the print be pure love, the collar in V-neckline enables the use of shirt with a footprint more classical in a way that we love, with the golinha out, or over the cardigan. We chose a white shirt full of delicacy, but we could have opted for a t-shirt with round golinha and added a charming necklace.

According to etaizhou, it is essential that short list of essential accessories they are among one of the first items, in addition to the charm that this baby accessory to go with add is always!

To finish the look a black pants with super modern cutouts leaving the heel in sight showing the beauty of Melissa Peace SEEN, this has an ideal jump to Jaffer who cannot do without using it in everyday life.

And this new detail of “bow” Geez it’s love at first sight!

Are inspiring details, like?

These pieces and other compositions are available in our stores of São Paulo.

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And look, we at promotion, come enjoy! We wait for you!