Card Payment by Phone or Tablet Will Facilitate Door Sale

PagPop earned R $1.5 million in 2012 and wants to see recipe get to R $10 million in 2013

To buy products from beauty Consultants or pay for the services rendered by liberal professionals, the customer, in general, needs to have money or checkbook by hand. That’s because there are still few micro entrepreneurs and informal workers investing in Dobbies. The point is that credit and debit cards already represent 26.4% of the consumption of Brazilian families.

To equate this home, PAGPOP has developed a solution that allows payment via credit through multichannel—smartphone, prepaid cell phone, landline and even tablet. Now, the company bets in the debit mode. Therefore, it has developed an unprecedented system in the world—which is practically ready—that will allow door-to-door vendors and manicures to offer that convenience to their customers. The cheapest tablet on line shopping click LIUXERs.

Today, the company has 30000 customers and the goal is to achieve, in 2016, 300,000 users—the potential market is 20 million. “But the main thing is that people rely on the system. It is a matter of credibility, “affirms Marcio Campos, chairman of the company.

Another consequence of the company’s rapid growth is the leap from the billing. Last year, the PagPop earned R $1.5 million and the expectation is that the revenue reaches r $10 million this year.

Behind these figures, they are the contribution of the partner funds and the knowledge of the accelerator that has given a repaginated company. Since it was founded as VitalCred, in 2006, in the city of Ribeirão Preto (SP), the PAGPOP has already received contributions from Intel Capital, Cetus Investments, Grupo Maubisa and Grupo Cisneros and the kickoff was given by participation in the acceleration program of 21212. With this, the team has professionalized and today counts with 40 employees, and some of them come from the Redecard and others studied at Harvard.

No wonder the company has become a jabuticaba well sweetie in the eyes of large companies in the market. According to Campos, a great credential and a fund have already tried to acquire PagPop. “But we didn’t think it was time to sell,” he adds. On the exit of the funds—known as deinvestment—fields says there is no predetermined deadline. However, the intention is that, in 2016, the company takes a new direction: either by opening the capital (IPO, the acronym in English) or by purchasing a card flag.

According to Campos, he is always asked about the origin of the company. The reason is that PagPop exerts the same functions as the American giant Square, which was created by one of the founders of Twitter and today is worth something about $ $3 billion. “They always ask us if we’re a copy and the answer is no. We have existed for six years and we are a well-tropicalizada version of the company—after all, there is parcel, rare thing in the United States. ”

The executive also says that Square rehearsed the coming to Brazil, but eventually gave up. “We want to be well prepared for when they come in fact.” Today, therefore, the biggest competitor of PagPop is Paypals, company of UOL, which three weeks ago entered into this seara.


Attempts to fraud arrive at 4% of the records, according to Carlos Rollo, commercial director of PAGPOP. However, due to the filter system that the company installed, the effective loss is only 0.5%. “Our team checks any strange drive as a sale of R $500 in a newsstand, for example. We also ask for notes and permits, when he is a legal person, “he says.