Camping in the Cold and Not Die in the Attempt

After having listened to various tips and froze me literally with 7°C to more than 4,500 meters, came to the conclusion that Nothing exceeds the body of someone sleeping on your side heat-and also that nothing is more fun than listening to”do already-already-ya-ya dawned? Already-now-now-now came the Sun? I have Te-te-you cold!

Clear that if anyone goes with you, fed up aluminum foil!

Camping in an area with temperate climate – or both, not so hot – cold is pleasant, not you’re sweating by the extreme heat, or not these titiritando cold willing to die in order to not feel as cold goes beyond your bones, and that even if you do it, you are still feeling cold. Well, that is not nice.

Fortunately, there are many ways to survive this.

  1. the clothes

The clothing is very important since it will be the first medium where you will enter the cold, you should know that mountaineers, mountaineers or any professional extreme athlete have a way to keep warm: in LAYERED.

The first layer – Is the closest to the body

You can use a heater, or some clothes that have a very similar to the aluminium layer, this will cause heat insulate and keep you more warm. This layer will be a sort of bounce your body heat and the 1st layer.

The second coat – warm garment + wide

A garment that works perfectly is the material fleece or wool, the idea is toretain the heat, we’ll make that heat does not escape. Garment wide create a protective layer of hot air between your skin and the environment on the other side of the fabric. protects the extremities!

The third coat-windproof

Items cortaviendo and waterproof are made of the neoprene matrial – those that look like plastic-this material will protect you from the rain and wind, -I recommend that you fits the opening legs going because the wind-I assure you-enter there. The idea is to repel the cold, wind and water around!

There are many brands of clothing Outdoors where you can get these clothes with the best technology, or up to 2 layers in a single garment. Among them are Columbia and The NorthFace. These are the two main, also tattoo where they sell a mixture between their own brand but could also find clothes from other brands. Each is good in its style, all will serve, however the prices vary between the higher and the more comfortable. But you do not unduly you! Get clothes as what you mentioned lines before, and the less will be the brand.

2 and when sleeping?

Place the tent of perpendicular to the wind.

If you’re camping group, placed closer together possible sleeping bags.

A mat or mat aluminium base serve as protection for cold accumulated in the soil does not transfer the sleeping – bag what also works is to placestraw or grasses under the tent.

Place a fleece blanket wrapped around the sleeping bag.

Change your clothes before sleep – then you explain because.

Avoid sweating.

Tricks mentioned few backpackers
Happened to you that, as much as you abrigues you well, that montes a good Campfire and carp that it is waterproof you feel cold? Here a few tricks I say more:

-If you’re going camping you can heat water in a bottle or thermal bag and placing it in the sleeping bag or on your lap.

-When the garment is adjusted not you will keep you warm and comfortable. If you want to stay warm wearing loose clothing. Why? You will create a protective layer of hot air between your skin and the environment on the other side of the fabric.

-Move it! This will make to generate heat.

– Change your clothes – to be with the clothing with which walked all day, Earth, dust and even sweat has created a layer – that you can’t clear – note that blocked heat as much as you abrigues you, even more so because your pores are closed. What must remove sweat, therefore we wash our. Starting with the torso, and finally drying us out with a towel.

-No transpir ! ! -why? Transpiration cools and you enfriarás you.