Brushes for Makeup

Acrylic Nail Brushes

It is a fact that many women use makeup brushes so incorrect in certain parts of the face. This is important, because use of appropriate brushes help to give a more professional finish to makeup.

And yet we find women who still use your fingers to put on makeup and this is completely wrong. To ensure a good makeup it takes the right brushes, each one has a specific function, which results in a makeup needs.

The Brushes:

1: Brush blush. Must have bristles abundant, be wide, smooth and rounded.

Brush 2: dust. Must be greater than that used for the blush. Use on the cheeks, Chin, nose, forehead, eyes and lips with light movements.

3 Brush: shadows. Must have round tips. The key is to mix well and fume the eye shadow. Always start with the lighter shades and darker soon after that must be applied at the outer corner of the eye.

4: Brush lips. Are brushes for outline, fill and define. One of them should have the narrow tip so you can outline the lips. And use a wider base for the fill.

5 Brush: eyebrows. Eliminate the polka dots and other brands that are on his eyebrows during the makeup. There are several types: metal, plastic, spiral, etc.

To Clean The Brushes:

Use the brushes every day, clean them every three months.

Dampen your brush in warm water mixed with a little mild liquid soap. You can find it at specialty stores specific products to clean.

Don’t let your brushes soak, so as not to affect its bristles.

Rinse in running water and dry gently with a towel.

Let it dry in the open air, facing backwards.

A good stiff brush, a good investment is to buy some good qualities to avoid buying it every three months.