Bracelets: How to Mount a Powerful Mix

Rings And Earrings Can Not Miss.. But You Know The Importance Of Choosing A Good Bracelet?

The bracelets are indispensable items of bloggers and fashionistas.It’s very handy for when you are using a common clothes and want to maintain a more delicate in your look.

Mix and experience are two verbs that match the fashionworld, and the mix of bracelets became a trend as highlighted that won until proper name: pulseirismo. Several celebrities and bloggers use the mix when choosing accessories, and even our über model-Gisele, used a mix of bracelets , silver and white on your last entry on the catwalks for Colcci, in April last year.

How To Assemble A Powerful Mix Of Bracelets:

You always see the mix, loves, dies of will, but feel insecure in choosing the accessories? To do a mix of successful bracelets, you can rely on these tips:

1) don’t be afraid! Time to do a mix, daring and personality should speak up, but come accompanied from the good sense.

2) choose a base color for the bangles, and try not to mix silver and gold tones. Watch the colors of each one of them: If you have coloured stones, fetch combine them into a cool color palette.
3) pay attention to the style of each piece. Mix a very rustic bracelet with another very delicate can be an unfortunate combination.
By following these tips, you’ll be super in within this trend that promises to remain long in the everyday life of women around the world.
Tip: Dare in combinations, mix colors, baths and use many, everything together and mixed. Valley care for the texture, mixing runny type bracelets bracelets. Silicone bracelet are more versatile and can be used in all mixes because they adhere better to the wrist and does not move. The thin and delicate bracelets I like to use with real-time clock, can be one or more. Looks great, feminine and delicate. Here are some examples.