Bracelet with Ring: Lift Your Look

A few years ago the accessories sector went through a boom that allowed a variety of models, sizes and styles take care of shops and walkways. There are so many trends that is often difficult to know what is allowed time to merge the pieces. The main doubt is the bracelet with ring.

Some say that one of the rules of etiquette of the accessories stated that together the parts are prohibited. However, as the evolution of and with new trends, this is a rule of use and it is possible to combine the two items perfectly.

To help you set up looks cool, casual and more sophisticated, we will give you valuable tips!

Mix of bracelet with ring

One of the most used trends is the mix of bracelets. The combination of larger and more delicate pieces of different colors and formats brings a chance to look. The problem is in love with rings feel a little fear in time to combine the pieces.

Not to do badly in time to merge bracelet with ring, following a basic little Valley: the harmony. For example, if you choose to use a Riviera green bracelet, bracelet with crystals zircônias and stone balls bracelet is recommended to use a simple ring, as the heart rings or ring ring with bezel twisted.

Highlighting a, simplicity in other

If you want to combine bracelet with ring and give prominence to one, the other one has to be a little more discreet, as said in the previous topic. To illustrate, let’s give you some suggestions. After all, showing very helpful.

If you use a bracelet zircônias pizza and rubies, the ideal is that the ring is simpler, as the Alliance with zircônias small. If you want to use a maxi ring, prefer to put the ring on the other hand for balance.

The devotees of multiple rings may combine parts such as flange ring with Crown, the Green Riviera, Gladiator and the half moon with a Golden bracelet thinner and delicate. This way you highlights the hands and can merge better parts with the clothes chosen for the occasion.

Now that you know how to combine bracelet with ring, visit PIP’s Store and choose the dozens of pieces that can help raise the look.