Blouses Female Models: Fashion Tips

Women’s blouses are increasingly appreciated and used for any type of occasion. Delicate, feminine and versatile, this kind of sweaters can be adapted to all kinds of looks. Check out fashion tips on the latest models of women’s blouses.


  1. With a feminine touch and delicate, feminine blouse model with ties is very present. Usually used for looks or formal occasions, this model has become ideal for everyday life. Made with lightweight fabrics and some degree of transparency, the blouses with ties located next to the neck are a strong trend. Simple cutting and fluid the more structured, this piece features several types of sleeves (short, medium, long or even without sleeves), with or without details. The tones vary existing models in every color of the Rainbow, but the shirt in beige off-white does not cease to be a classic. The patterns are endless, presented the most fashionable models such as the Leopard, tribal, balls or even with animals. A versatile and elegant piece.
  2. Another of the great current fashion trends are the blouses with feminine details, especially when placed on the collars. The collar can be only decorated on the front or by integer and the materials used are the studs, sequins, embroidery and other metallic materials. Usually, this kind of sweaters is mostly seen in beige, white or black and sleeveless. The collar also varies, from a format more pointed to rounded. This model of feminine blouse can be used with a neutral tone pencil skirt for work or a more detailed or simple shorts for a more casual look.

3.The trend color block is also in evidence in the templates. And may be transparent or not, play with the combination of “blocks” of two different and contrasting colors. Ideal for giving an impact, the color block sweater looks good when combined with the rest of the clothes in neutral tones and no default, to give prominence to the piece. The colors that make this combination pass through the combination of Turquoise with pink or pink with orange, for a purpose “neon”, due to the vibrant tone of these colors. If you prefer to use a blouse in color block more subtle, try combining neutral tones like black, white and gray or pastel colors like peach, pink and gray.