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Zara: The Lookbook Full-June 2010

Zara follow with your usual pattern show us every month proposals that believes that better adapt to the coming months. And the truth is that it is a safe, very accessible, and above all successful proposal for those who are thinking that spend the money these future sales.

Why this lookbook of June is more important than ever and perhaps that have more focused and more love have put in their preparation. What is what we find in this new lookbook?

As we have no doubt looks very warm and typical of the season of summer every time we have more on us, although there are some very interesting proposals in denim, or with linen fabrics that are worth to note. But I think the best thing is that let’s you take a look at the pictures and talk about them, to see that we can make clear proposals.

The Cowboy shirts they are still a must of the season, although under my point of view the proposal of Zara together with the of Massimo Dutti they are perhaps the easiest to wear. Soft washed with bleach, woven soft and comfortable, fresh, perfect to combine with white trousers with a look very navy.

Following the line of the linen, We find more ochre proposals, with shirts in colors candy, sheer, simple designs with a line based on the virtually total absence of motives for letting the weight of the set in the colors and shapes only.

Ideal to Jell again with pants of all colours (white is offered like ideal to combine with all neutral color and each of the looks that we go showing in the article, and we can find it in all conceivable tissues).

A halfway between Bermuda and trousers We find these medio-largos, in color cream, linen and which involve a commitment to bold and casual which can succeed without a doubt if we know how to combine them. It is a garment that tries to combine elegance with Oriental altogether a maximum comfort and touch.

The contrasts of textures, colors and styles they are ideal for this type of clothing, so if we want to opt for a transgressive look as the of the photography I recommend an American, a jacket or t-shirts in bright colors, that try to break the informalism of pants with a touch more business.

As we can see the looks they tend to be quite monochromatic and very summery. The feeling of freshness not only airs on colors, but also in as conjuntemos, in the textures and the almost total absence of the graphic pattern on the sets. In simplicity and styles plain lies the secret.

But on the other hand, we find only between all the proposals this total white, with open and buttoned linen shirt and pants in salmon very clear. This is to say that they are first and foremost committed to one joint action of all colors before that by completely Ibizan looks, which is appreciated because at the end of the summer we just all up to the cap of the monochromatic looks.

As for supplements, the the nautical, the dessert boots and sandals they remain the predominant footwear in all sets. They are fresh, very easy to bring together garments, which can be found in a multitude of colors and allow especially that in times of heat foot to breathe, so if we take it with or without socks (banned if we bermudas or shorts).

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