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How to Use Summer Clothes in the Winter?

Winter is coming, and what to do with that bunch of shorts, tank tops and dresses, high-waisted skirts, etc., purchased in the summer heat? The solution, certainly not redesign the entire closet, but invest in good old creativity to increase these little pieces, mixing with other typical of the cold season. Want to know how? Learn, then, how to use the summer clothes in the winter, and get a more varied wardrobe. Continue reading

Le Tutu: Fashion of Women’s Shirts!

Who is addicted to shirt raises his hand … o/o/o/. It’s a serious case, whenever we think of an outfit to wear, whether day or night, the pistol comes to mind! But also, it is no less … the shirt is a timeless, classic and super play, without a doubt, makes women even more elegant. Some of us have real passion and the collect of all shapes, sizes and patterns. Continue reading

Fashion Tips for Fatties

Chubby And Elegant-Clothing Tips

If you are overweight and you think so you should only use loose clothes and you don’t mark anything your body is completely wrong. It’s not because your body has small curves that they need to be hidden. Wearing the right clothes and the infallible tricks, you can be elegant and very well dressed, even if you are overweight. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know about Mastitis

Mastitis is the inflammation of the breast glands, which may affect women who are initiating breastfeeding and also those that are not — although it is more commonly occur among lactating women. To help moms who are going through that, I decided to gather diverse information on mastitis in this mini dossier. Come learn more about how to avoid the problem, what are the discomforts and symptoms that he brings and efficient measures to treat it. Continue reading

Transparent Shirts

Where to buy, Models and Pictures of Transparent Shirts

The fashion of transparent shirts has come to stay many models and different styles you can buy the transparent shirts plus they are very stylish they are also doing very successful with all ages, with a slight transparency you can stay in fashion with many places to buy the transparent shirts in malls, virtual stores , see the models of   transparent shirts and buy your own. Continue reading

8 Looks to Wear At Work and Also At the Gym

If you play in this practicality and invest in looks that you can use both at work and in the gym and also leave your bag lighter

Practicality is the word of the modern woman.Today, she needs clothes that are more versatile and adaptable to the activities of her day.”The woman of the contemporary world has many roles and activities, so with day-to-day running it is essential to choose clothes that provide practicality, comfort and that are versatile to adapt on several occasions,” says the consultant of image, Daniela Razera.

In order to seek this versatility, it is important for women to invest in clothes that can be worn on several occasions, such as going to work and then to the gym without having to change many pieces of their look.Of course this is only possible if the workplace allows clothes not so formal.

“It is necessary to follow the level of formality and the dress code that the company proposes, because the image that its employees transmit is a reflection of the image that it wants,” says Daniela.

For those companies that allow more flexible clothing, a woman should take advantage of and wear clothes that can go straight from work to the gym.

However, always be aware of your company’s dress rules and see if it allows for such flexibility.

How to turn your work look into the gym

Some pieces are easy to adapt and be, at the same time, a suitable clothes for the job and that brings the comfort that the gym needs.”Try to optimize time and space by wearing pieces that can be incorporated into your day-to-day work,” says the consultant.

“If you like to have extremely flexible and adaptable clothes, the tip is to plan your shopping by making a list of parts that are versatile and coordinate with each other, so you have plenty of possibilities at work and in the gym!” Advises Daniela.

As tennis, especially what should be used in the gym, is not a piece so suitable for the work environment, the proposed looks suggest the exchange of the shoe used in the service.

Below, with the help of the consultant, were built eight looks that you can use at work and go straight to the academy.Check the looks and play in this practicality:


The pant is a beautiful and sophisticated pant and therefore is easily used in the work environment.If you want to use it also to go to the gym, the tip is to prefer soft fabrics like mesh.

To be more formal and elegant for the service, choose a beautifully colored piece and complete it with a t-shirt without a button, comfortable heel sandal and a maxi necklace. When you go to the gym, take off the maxi necklace and change your sandal for the sneakers. The idea of ​​this look is that both the t-shirt and the pants are kept.


The overalls are another piece that can bring you the practicality of wearing it both at work and at the gym.In order not to have an error, give preference to overalls in comfortable fabrics that do not have cutouts and necklines.

When designing the formal work look, invest in a jacket that brings sophistication to your work look.The thick jumping peep toe is another complement that helps you create a more formal look.The medium to large sized bag is ideal for you to carry the necessary items to the gym.


The jegging is a piece very similar to the skinny pants, but that presents the comfort of legging , so it is great to use at work and also at the gym.When wearing these slacks on the workbench, prefer less-fitting overlapping toppieces.

To put together an ideal work academy look, invest in powerful accessories such as a beautiful sneaker and a necklace that stands out.In this look, both the pants and the blouse are perfectly usable in the gym.Because the blouse is a bit wide, do not forget to wear a top underneath.


On colder days, a piece that may well go from work to gym is sweatshirt.The sweater also does well because it is very comfortable, but it requires some care not to break.In order not to have a loose-eyed look, prefer motifs with detail and without hood.

The ideal look for the job is with a tighter and more tight pants to the body, like the black skinny pants of the mount.Wear a t-shirt under the sweatshirt if you feel heat during the workout.The boot gives quality to the look.For the gym, change your pants and boot.


There are currently on the market sports pants with enough quality and formality to use at work.When choosing the piece, take into consideration the fabric that was made and escape from those specifics of the academy as the tactel.Choose neutral colors here so you can enjoy the rest of the look.

To make up the look of the work, the tip is to bet on other more formal and tidy pieces.The body is a good option, and he can also go to the gym.However, for the look not appealing, wear a jacket, such as a blazer, to form a look that is consistent with the work environment.Capriche in the shoe and give preference to the jump.


Amongst the pieces, legging is the one that best makes this work-academy transition.”Be careful in choosing the legging fabric because metallized or vinyl fabrics would not be the most appropriate.To feel more comfortable in the work environment, bet on leggings in neutral and dark colors that do not mark the body so much and prefer to combine them with a top piece so that it covers the hip, “suggests Daniela.

In that first suggestion of look with the legging, the piece was combined with a regatta that can also be used in the gym.”The regatta that can be used under the open or closed shirt, making an overlap superinteressante and optimizing space in the bag,” says the consultant.The black scarpin gives the classic touch that every work look needs.


This second look, legging was combined with a trench coat, a piece that is great for the work environment because, in addition to covering the hip, it offers a touch of quality and formality to the look.Complement with a t-shirt and boots, preferably the same color as the pants.

To wear this look at the gym, simply take off your boot and trench coat and add your sneakers.


The leggings with blazer form the perfect combination and can be worn on both cooler days and cold days.The legging pattern of the above look gives more quality to the look.Just be careful with the transparencies, so give preference to thicker fabrics.

If you want to choose a more basic legging, the tip is to bet on a powerful accessory, such as a maxi necklace or a maxi earring.The heel will depend on the composition of your look.As in the above the only highlight is legging, it is worth betting on a neutral tone shoe with heel.This look goes straight to the gym, just taking off the jump and the blazer and adding the sneakers.

Other looks to inspire you

To show how easy it is to transfer the work look to the gym, here are some pictures of bloggers wearing clothes that have this possibility.Check out the photos and play in this handymanship.

Models Of Junina Party Clothes

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

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