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Burberry Prorsum, Spring-Summer 2011 at Milan Fashion Week

If you recently saw one of the essential collections within the Milan fashion week, as it is the case of Dolce & Gabbana, today’s the turn of one of the most anticipated collections within the Italian event: Burberry ProrsumAs you know, Burberry Prorsum is the line more daring Burberry, where once more its creative director Christopher Bailey does not disappoint with this collection where the trench and the garments more rock will be the stars for the next Spring-summer 2011. Continue reading

Transparent Shirts

Where to buy, Models and Pictures of Transparent Shirts

The fashion of transparent shirts has come to stay many models and different styles you can buy the transparent shirts plus they are very stylish they are also doing very successful with all ages, with a slight transparency you can stay in fashion with many places to buy the transparent shirts in malls, virtual stores , see the models of   transparent shirts and buy your own. Continue reading

How To Use A Look Red!

The Red look can be intriguing and sexy, but if there’s one thing we forget is that it can be very elegant if combined with certain parts. Overall, the look is timeless–i.e. never goes out of style and you don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes when choosing that color pieces. I know sometimes it’s hard to choose this color when buying clothes, I just bought a red blouse these days and just to fall in love with the color, I came to show some incredible options for you! Continue reading