Pull and Bear: This Summer, a Look for Every Occasion

If there is something that I like from the Pull and Bear are their continued desire to go to renewing itself and seeking new tricks to get out all your clothes and to publicize its collection for this Spring/summer 2010. We have not only seen as the firm has joined the long list covering all brands that have decided to go for the world as a design motif, but also cares about now offer us every week a perfect look for every situation of spring or summer.

In each one of them offers a successful set of t-shirts, shirts, jeans, shoes and accessories with which we do not have to completely agree but sure some idea if that gets us to give to develop our own. Since then it has merit, but let’s take a quick look to see that they seem to you.

The first one, as you can see, is a very summery look where the role has the White with blue, so we get a very cool and easy to combine model-opt. And above all, simple, because with a white shirt (with t-shirt underneath, which is optional), some shorts and a white sneakers, We can go swimmingly.

For those who opt for the more earthy tones (that are pretty this season) gives us a look safari, in which the brown color of the shirt is joint with leather sandals. New Bermuda remains the preferred option for pants. Plug-ins? Bracelets, belts, pendants … but with shades of Brown and earthy, of course.

If we want something more casual fit for down to the beach or take a walk without appearing that we too emperifollados, Pull and Bear makes it easy with its collection of t-shirts for spring and summer. This time, to put him more than color to the topic has decided to opt for a Bermuda black that highlight t-shirt and a color Sandals lilac. And, in general, is quite successful.

For the over sixties looks and retro/hippie style offers us something like this: white shirt and vest color ash to Jell with marine-blue jeans and a few sneaker halfway between a moccasin and a dessert boot. Personally the look change shoes (I decantaría directly some dessert boots or pisamierdas) and perhaps would opt for to give it some colour to the whole with the vest: one Lavender or gray would come you from Pearl.

And finally, one simple but very successful and that it is among my favorite. The pole will turn this summer in our great ally: Subtracts formalism to the jacket but manages to have more class than the t-shirts, and in addition, we found it with a multitude of colors, finishes, different collars and accessories/brands. Easy to combine and always looks good. Bermuda does not have to be cowboy: a White (in the case of the Red pole) or a Red (PIN yellow, white, blue …) can be a success.

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