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Tips and Suggestions for Trunk Mounted for International Travel”!

Hi girls, okay? How was the weekend?

Mine was pretty good here in Africa, and today I will show you the look that I used yesterday. Despite the relatively good weather the wind decided to get very heavy and this caused me to thank very much the fact that I NEVER take off my list of “GOTTA PUT in the TRUNK”-my handkerchiefs-, peels—and boot! Reflecting on that and after a reader dear CG here have asked me some guidelines and “advice” about this delicate balance between useful and comfortable, I decided to give some tips about “bags assembled for international travel” or even national, just adapt. Continue reading

In Evaluation: Butterfly Handlebar

I had wanted to test this model of handlebar for a long time. The butterfly is a very different handlebar from any traditional proposal, having a repositioning appeal and versatility in driving the bike. His proposal is to offer more positions to hold the handlebars. It is worth saying that this is very personal… and will have a cyclist who does not get it right, just like the original models themselves. I will make some notes on the first uses… but only a long use could determine very “close” details of this important piece. Continue reading

Juist: the Always Again Holidays

We don’t do many words when we see each other again. As it is just in a great love. As it is, if you are so terribly long, that the year is forgotten and you only remember that it was a child when it is met the first time. I might smile and say “Hello, I’m back”. My old love says nothing. I hear only the wind playing with the rope, sails and fenders in the port, and a few gulls, nothing else. Yes, Islands can not speak. Continue reading

Swimsuits Models for Ladies

Over the years our body tends to change, often resulting in a few pounds here, another there. Skin elasticity also is no longer the same, so when we lose weight, often still left some some furs at the waist or hip. In everyday clothes that is not noticeable, but when it comes time to go to the beach, many middle-aged women resolve to opt for a bathing suit. Continue reading

Line Igloo Capri

Light 2

Approximate dimensions: 200 x 130 x 105 cm

Approximate weight: 1.5 kg

Light 3

Approximate dimensions: 200 x 160 x 115 cm

Approximate weight: 2.1 kg

Light 4

Approximate dimensions: 200 x 200 x 130 cm

Approximate weight: 2.4 kg

Igloo 4

Approximate dimensions: 200 x 200 x 130 cm

Approximate weight: 3.3 kg

Approximate dimensions: 63.5 x 15 x 15 cm

Cubage of Packaging: approx. 0.0143 m ³ Continue reading