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Minnetonka Shoes: Indians Look for the City

Shoes are a trend. Shoes are fashion. And shoes are also a balm for feet, a bed in the best sense of the word-in any case, if they come from the House of Minnetonka. So it is not surprising that for years in Germany with the original American brand of Minnetonka a label has established itself, which offers comfortable moccasins in the original style of the Indians. What began with the natives and quickly spread about a real fan circle in the States, was around the world in the past few years to the cult and today already has his fans in the German-speaking world. Continue reading

How to Use: Slippers

If you have a type of shoe that is highlighting both in the windows and the streets is the slipper. The inspiration is velvet slippers worn in pajamas, indoors (think of those American movies where the guy wakes up in his pajamas, slips on his slipper, and picks up the paper on his doorstep!). Of course after an upgrade, it became much more interesting and usable outside the home! And the most coveted models are those of leopard and glitter! Continue reading

Colorful Shoes

Where to Buy, How to Wear and Models of Colored Shoes

The colorful shoes come to stay with many models of colorful shoes you can buy and stay in fashion that is doing very successful, colorful shoes is the new sensation the female fashion, colorful shoes are very successful with all ages, with pants and shirts colorful shoes make a lot of success, and here you will see where to buy, how to wear and the colorful shoes models, you can buy the colorful shoes in stores of malls, clothes fairs, and virtual stores. Continue reading

How to Customize Women’s Shoes

How to customize women’s shoes, this tips will help you transform that old shoe in a new play and full of style. And for this you can use simple materials that almost everyone has at home. It may be that at the beginning you find some difficulty in the process, but over time his plays are going to earn even more perfection. Let’s go to four pretty cool ideas to Customize women’s shoes.  Continue reading