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Samsung Unveils a Sale of Inkjet Printers

News From The Samsung Forum 2013-02-13

An important message from the Samsung in-house exhibition 2013 is that Samsung is the production of ink-jet printers. While the leading heads of Samsung also by the insolvency of the company Kodak, as well as the setting of the manufacture of inkjet printers by hero inspired. Who would have even an inkjet printer Samsung CJX series, should hurry, because some residual stocks are still in the distribution channels. On the introduction of business Printers Ink Jet based on, you should not hope at Samsung. This was one of the clear statements at the Samsung Forum 2013. This was however also stressed, that you could keep the market in mind and respond at short notice if necessary.
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Samsung Launches Addwash Line with Exclusive Benefit to Consumers

Attentive to the needs of consumers, Samsung launches in Brazil AddWash line consisting of two models, both front load-a washer, and a wash and dry – with a unique benefit in the market: it is now possible to include pieces of clothing, even though the washing process has already come under cover. The products arrive to Brazil along with a dryer that offers innovative drying technologies like steam used to disinfect and dry the clothes, reducing unwanted odors, and does not leave the wrinkled clothes. Continue reading

Tips for Sustainable Children’s Day Toys

Children ‘s Day is coming and with it the children’s charge of winning the much-anticipated gifts. Between choosing to offer nothing to not stimulate consumerism or give in to the demands of children, are options of sustainable toys. With a few tips, you can find them or even make them, to ensure a lot of fun for your kids without harming the environment. Continue reading

Diy Marble Dipped Vase


When it comes to making pots and pot holders DIY there are a lot of materials to inspire you: what I offer today is the white marble that characterizes the city where I come from, Carrara, in Northern Tuscany. Obviously we not scomoderemo a marble processing workshop to make pots for our seedlings from the interior, but we will create a marble effect vases, tricking the eye and mind with a graphic effect. Ready to do it yourself? Continue reading

Westwing Guide for Classical Pendants

Lighting represents a big part of the success of a decorative project, because it has the power to highlight certain points and transform an environment into a cozy, stimulating, tasty and modern place. The pendant is an accessory that has this capacity, since it contributes to the beauty of a room and, also, it dosa the lighting of the space. When defining the style of an environment, the classic pendants stand out for being elegant, refined and full of inspiration. Continue reading