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Elderly Dogs: What They Can’t Eat?

Bones, Meat, Peach, Among Other Types Of Food That Can Be Very Harmful To The Health Of The Dog. Check Out!

The older your dog already? To maintain health and well-being it is essential to take care of the power supply. But, did you know that there are some foods that are not recommended for elderly dogs? Check out what you can’t give it to your best friend! Continue reading

Play NO It’s Synonymous with Having Toys

Playing is different from having toys. And usually, the two things are connected. When you think of a kid playing, you probably imagine her with a toy in her hand. But not necessarily fun has to happen this way and it has a very positive side to it. Explaining: Experience without the toy – the one we go to and buy at a store-is also very important for child development.
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The Pregnant

Everyone knows it, you are always asked at family parties or from friends with children “And, how do you look at it? Is something planned? “And our answer was rather flappy” In two years;”. Yes, we have been giving this answer two years ago We have always felt it is not the right time. We had never defined the “right time”. Is there a right time? Continue reading

How to Go Shopping Effectively

Past the holidays, dribblati gifts and souvenirs improbable, mark the horizon something that will get you a smile: the outlet! Yes but, that stress! Read here why.

Yes but, that stress! How that stress, you’re looking at the opportunity to get, at bargain prices, the it-bag, the it-shoe, the coat must-have you got obsessed and fixated throughout the winter from the column to the right of your computer screen!

And finally the time has come!

Of course, so it’s easy to say how difficult to be realized.

  1. Meanwhile the stress begins to rise in an effort to find a moment of calm, Yes, calm, that rare and unknown feeling when it comes to sales, to go into the store to try, in peace, size, comfort and color to see if it’s really of Heads of desire to put on the list. Impossible.
  2. Then the cold shower of being in his hands the piece of dreams brutally downsized expectations, if you sum the hostile context in which you are located, with temples that beat to the music shop, unz unz-shrill voices of other outlet-aholic around, begins to be an emotional state from psychoanalysis complex. See also this blog.
  3. So what? Then you must get down from battle, mentally lucid, with the day off, the phone battery full, space in your phone to take the leaves in a burst from wazzappare to trusted friends and put on your hand to and fro catch brand.
  4. Already, the girlfriends. Mental note to go over as preheating for sale: never go hunting for bargains with her girlfriends. None of them, though just as busy trying to ferret out gems among the shelves and stand, you would listen really. Meglio sole than harm accompanied.
  5. The truth is that you are also Yes and no 30 minutes cut from lunch or post work, to jump in that Heavenly delirium and to score the Mission Impossible in this order:
  6. Ask
  7. Find
  8. Try
  9. Decide
  10. Pay
  11. Exit

It’s a girl.

  1. It was just this! Sometimes, mirrored in a dressing room of 20 cm square, not enough to get a feel for how’s that dress super sexy. You must exit out to distance themselves and maybe even objective. But what inconveniences will never obstruct this simple task? Oh God, I didn’t do the waxing. The socks are deserting me, the computer bag has left a mark on his shoulder that not even a branding. The skin under the lights of the store looks 20 years older and I see hints of skin disease never seen before”. Follows autoconvicimento Maganedisa which are beautiful, this dress stretch dress I sits, right?” No. I look like a nightstand, over and out.
  2. But how do you stay calm amid hordes of possessed like you? Simple, not cool.
  3. Not to mention the Visual overload short circuit. Stand and stand loads of charms, soft fluffy shelves bon-bon in Merino Wool just waiting to be touched, worn and why not, also saved and understood … Yes, because us outlet-aholic also have a heart, a heart of Red Cross which beats in unison with the syllables of words as mantra prototype, last cut, handmade embroidery, emerging designers, size unisex and capsules.
  4. The history of numbers. Numerology has a remarkable and persuasive power with immediate effect. These prices with the comma «XX .99» staring at you in the eye are irresistible! So, mesmerized by 9 periodicals, we convince ourselves we are siren song we’ve been waiting for. When in doubt, buy it, ‘ because in the end it saves and then leverages long term mode. Of course. No doubt. The coat in White Swan has become part of everyday basics. Ahahahahah!
  5. Tests of courage that even in talent. To counter the endless queues of the dressing rooms and to get a move on if they are accompanied by Saints boyfriends, friends, husbands, cousins and children or grandchildren, tap to compromise and become expert stripper. Who has not ever undress stealth through the stands and try, in bra and pants, dresses Mermaid or slip off hoodies & sweatshirts, revealing degrees of unspeakable sweating, just to see how crazy that blouse silk robe. Eye down and lost, as in a performance of contemporary art, for performing striptease innocent but a life saver.
  6. Those of white lies. Ah, this time I’m not fooled by anxiety and stress. No dressing rooms, I know myself very well, I understand that I’m in right eye if that skirt or lacking. Here is a M, just my size. “Then the sad reality: once at home, with the usual lights and the usual mirrors, come out the flaws. “Ok, I bought a M size Taiwan, perfect to cover your left arm. A blue??? But if in store was pitch black! I knew it, the sleeves of the blazer huddle under the armpit and finally, inevitable, ” AHHH: here’s a thread pulled.

With this all that remains is to wish all of you a happy shopping to winter sale 2016!


Why Men Hate the Shopping?

And ‘well it is known that men come from Mars and women are from Venus. And after a shopping trip together, the differences between these two worlds are decidedly more marked,

Have you ever wondered what they really think the men when we accompany the groceries? You know the suffering their expressions, their rumbling moans when they have to linger in front of some window? Who of us has never happened to look different male specimens sprawled on the sofas of the shops or (boring) waiting in front of a dressing room?

Means dozing between crutches, abandoned with stacks of packages in your hand or strollers to be monitored? Most of them snorts, some patients await their companions toying with mobile phone in hand, a (tiny) minority pulls out a semi-forced smile before.

With the imminent arrival of the balances, the situation is likely to deteriorate prematurely. Hands up who of us does not have a place even once this innocent question to her man: “Love, I accompany you shopping? Should I buy only two things in number ” (with the understanding that the number of two little things would have been much more ). But have you ever wondered why a seemingly harmless phrase as: “acciamo shopping? Will you? ”  Can have potentially devastating consequences male universe, such as suffering, sense of loss, nervous breakdown, panic?

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Meaning of KPI

KPI is the symbol that matches the Key Performance Indicator, a management technique known in Portuguese as key performance Indicator.

The KPIs will facilitate the transmission of the vision and mission of a particular enterprise to employees who do not occupy high positions. In this way, all employees of various hierarchical levels are involved in the Mission of achieving the strategic targets set by the company. A key performance indicator works as a communication vehicle, ensuring that employees understand how their jobs are important to the success or lack of success of the organization.

In the business world, the KPIs are quantifiable measures to understand whether the objectives are being achieved. Consequently, these indicators determine whether to take different attitudes to improve the actual results. Key performance indicators should only be changed if the primary objectives of a company also suffer change.

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Characters in Fashion!

Serials lovers know well how some mark stages of our lives, and to remind them, comes an inevitable sense of nostalgia. As a fond of series, there are several titles by which I fell in love with and, even today, I review the chapters with the same emotion.

And as the Brazilian soap operas, serials Americans are also famous for their fashion and reflect the style of a generation. Who ever lusted after the grifados models of Californian Marissa Cooper (The O.C.) or dreamed of being Kelly Taylor, the it girl of the years 90, 90210 series?

Sure, you have your references and inspirations, but I decided to recall some emblematic characters who in one way or another, influenced my love for fashion. Continue reading