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False Eyelashes: How to Put and Use

Although a lot of people don’t know it, the false eyelashes are indispensable accessories for the famous red carpet. Among the celebrities they do so successfully, with the ordinary women is no different. At parties, special events and even day to day some not give up having eyes checked and feminine. Continue reading

Tips and Suggestions for Trunk Mounted for International Travel”!

Hi girls, okay? How was the weekend?

Mine was pretty good here in Africa, and today I will show you the look that I used yesterday. Despite the relatively good weather the wind decided to get very heavy and this caused me to thank very much the fact that I NEVER take off my list of “GOTTA PUT in the TRUNK”-my handkerchiefs-, peels—and boot! Reflecting on that and after a reader dear CG here have asked me some guidelines and “advice” about this delicate balance between useful and comfortable, I decided to give some tips about “bags assembled for international travel” or even national, just adapt. Continue reading

27 Ssw: the First Conversation Between Mom and Baby

With the 27th week, already two-thirds of the pregnancy are managed. Baby and MOM are moving with great strides on the birth. What features this week waiting for you and how your baby develops, that you can find out here.

In the ultrasound your baby looks almost in the 27th week of pregnancy, so in the seventh month, like a newborn. But not only its appearance, most institutions are already well developed. And what is there? Continue reading