And If It Rains What Me Pongo?

With this crazy time, that the same we asfixiamos us that we freeze, and with this rain that has caught us affection and it does not run; doubts about what to wear we enter us. Today we are going to give you some tracks to hit with your spring look where it rains.

The first thing you should keep in mind is the footwear that you are going to wear. Although it does heat, we must have proper shoes, that prevent our feet getting wet. For example, forget sandals or thin as a suede leather, since also they damage.

The garment for rainy days is the trench coat. That Yes, forget the Inspector Gadget concept, since it is a very versatile garment that adapts to trends and constantly reinvents itself.

Gabardine gets its name from the tissue that is made and is a waterproof material, that allows us to protect us from the rain.

In fact, the latest trends offer us gabardine short, above the knee, and notched to us They allow to enhance the figure a bit more. Colors are not the classic grey or Brown and models can be found in almost all tones.

The umbrella is a very controversial accessory, because either you love it or hate it. Personally does not like me, they should be listed as a melee weapon. But we must recognise its usefulness.

At the time of Choose an umbrella We must be clear its function, i.e., if we want it just that protect us from the rain, or also for not passing unnoticed. If our case is the first, with an umbrella of a single color or without prints you will have enough.

On the other hand, if we want to the umbrella capture the attention of passers-by or even convey a message or our way of being, we should devote a little more time to find a model that convince us, with brightly coloured or printed original as animal prints.

And don’t you forget that After the rain, it returns to the Sun.

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