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Tips on How to Care: Tablecloths, Place mats and Napkins

I have received some questions from you guys asking me care tips that we should have with a Napkin, napkins and towels. And although it seems a simple question, I found interesting to make a post about it with some important precautions that should be taken, so that our American Games last much more. Continue reading

2014 Winter Jackets

In winter it is possible to perfect the visual, dare in looks and perfect using warmer clothes to protect himself from the cold and still make her beautiful, as is the case of blazers, coats and jackets that are a212-055 detail the part visual combination for winter. In this article we will talk about the news of 2014 Winter Jackets, know which options to use and which to set aside at the station. Continue reading

Tips For Beauty Products For Pregnant Women

Tips on what are the best beauty products for pregnant women

Women when they get pregnant they waste a little time for themselves, they lose the desire to dress up and get more beautiful here you will see beauty product tips for pregnant women to make you look even more beautiful in the best time of your life. Continue reading

Leather Shorts

Where to Buy, How to Wear and Models of Leather Shorts

The fashion of leather clothing has come to stay with many different models and styles, Leather Shorts is very successful here you will learn how to use Leather Shorts know where to buy Leather Shorts, stay tuned in the tips on how to wear Shorts from Leather and buy yours already and look even more beautiful and elegant.

The leather parts are always up in the winter and with it several beautiful models are produced. Among these pieces are the leather shorts, which besides being beautiful, are very versatile and can be combined with various looks and different styles. With that in mind, we have selected tips on how to wear women’s leather shorts. Leather shorts have become current fashion trends and key pieces for the wardrobe of modern women who are looking for clothes that enhance their body. It can be used on colder days and are also great bets for the coming summer. Regardless of season, leather shorts can be used with complete freedom. There are several models of leather shorts, from the most fair, short to the most loose and long. The choice depends on your taste. They can be found in several colors, the main ones being black, caramels, gray and can be combined with more neutral colors. To use during the day, the ideal is to combine it with sandals and sandals. Already at night, the jumps are the most indicated. The white shirts are perfect bets to match the leather shorts. Also applicable are the most basic blouses, printed shirts and blazers. The more sophisticated and nocturnal occasions, such as ballads and parties, a combination with blouses in paeté will make the look even more beautiful. You can wear the will, with jeans, tank tops, knit sweaters, blazer and other combinations that your imagination allows. The accessories are essential to give more beauty and sophistication to the feminine look with leather shorts. On colder days, leather shorts can be worn with thin socks and high heels. This production is very elegant and beautiful.

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