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Tips on Clothes from 0 to 12 Months!

These past few weeks I have received several emails with questions regarding outfits.
Then, after 1 year wearing the Bruna, I can spend a good idea for you to buy and what not to buy. A lot you bought before she was born was in the closet. And how beautiful thing but zero circulation or comfortable. Clothes have to monitor the development of the baby and always be comfortable. What’s the point for a dress ironed in a baby of 6 months once you sit in the car seat and put the belt will turn a crumpled cloth? Continue reading

LG Develops Elliptical LCD Screens

Had never given me by asking me why LCDs are always square, but LG Display wants to demonstrate that this does not have to be always so, since we have presented two new Elliptical-shaped LCDs.

The first of them is large enough, 6 inches, with 78.8 mm in height and 131,4 mm wide, while the second, of 1.4 inches is 35.5 mm in diameter. Both LCD screens are able to show up to 262.000 colors and they have a close to 160 degrees viewing angle. Continue reading

Outdoor Preview: News and Highlights Part 1: Isomatten

In some outdoor blogs lately often something”about the slight”world premieres at the OutDoor trade show in Friedrichshafen to read. Also I will briefly give you my personal highlights for next week. In this first part I will start with the mats. I hope that after the show I will be able to shed more information on the individual products.

Continue reading

Preview on LE CIRQUE de Beauté Cosmetics of p2

DM was so nice, me the limited edition CIRQUE de Beauté by p2 cosmetics as a test pattern beforehand to make. The LE should be available from 1 January to 28 February 2012 in selected dm markets – while stocks last. But rather from the 2nd January – when the shops have opened again). With this limited-edition p2 wants to dispel the winter sadness and ensure good mood looks. I’ve seen things, my first thought was: “Oh, that’s intended for giltzernde Silversterlooks!” Continue reading

Crisis? LED Lighting is Your Electricity Bill Savings

Times are tough for the economy, so we need to get all the alternatives for the reduction of expenses. The Bill is one of the great villains of the household budget, especially in the hot summer. Open the fridge anymore, we use more and more fan the air conditioning. A practical, economical solution and that adds style and modernity to your House is LED technology. Continue reading

The Glamor of Valentino in Eyewear

The high-fashion maison Valentino produces pieces of clothing that, for decades, are icons of beauty and style.The same effect happens with your production of sunglasses and degree. In the different eyewear lines of the brand, you can find models of several styles: classic, austere design, discreet, among others. They combine with various occasions of everyday life, be it work, leisure or a formal situation. The mission of this brand is to, with its unique pieces, highlight the originality of each person’s style. Continue reading