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Do You Not Understand about Wine? Amazon Tea Puts The Phone with a Sommelier

The customer always is right, and can’t miss customer anything, even if it is in your home. Amazon us surprises again with a new service – I don’t know how many go – to to choose the best wine at any time. How? As with the call of a sommelier.

As it sounds, if you’re an unsafe wine buyer, Amazon can lend you a hand with professionals in the field. There’s only one problem, the service is only active in Japan, in Japanese, and have no idea if the idea will thrive beyond the Asian archipelago. Continue reading

When Yahoo! Could Have Bought Google or Facebook and Not Wanted

In Yahoo! they have serious problems. In reality the situation is not new and for months – not to say years – one of the legendary names in internet through troubles which not just came out Despite the efforts of its officers.

The former darling of the whole internet had many opportunities to be even larger, but it seems clear that decisions regarding procurement they have been disastrous: they bought companies appropriate to then leave them, or were not those that could have changed the course of its history. What has happened to Yahoo!? Continue reading

AliExpress, The Great Bazaar Alibaba Chinese Brands Online, Bid by Spain

Says that AliExpress Spain is his fifth worldwide and the first European market (excluding Russia). The challenge of this large Chinese Bazaar online (which you can find, according to its own data, more than a hundred million “at very cheap prices”) is not only retain all these customers, they have their daily option for anything you need on AliExpress and improve the shopping experience, according to the head of marketing for Spain. Continue reading

Remix OS Promises But Their Use License Is Apparently Very Restrictive [Updated: Only in China]

Yesterday Jide officially releasing the ISO image from Remix OS in alpha version, an operating system that takes months pointing ways but now any user can leverage on their PCs and laptops. We already take a look with a version that was leaked the day before their official publication, but now appear some doubts about this project. Continue reading

10 Windows in The End Surpasses Toll on Windows XP. at Least According to Statcounter.

The evolution of the market share of operating systems is especially interesting in the last few months for a reason: check the rate of adoption of Windows 10. The new operating system of Microsoft promised much in the first few months, but that fast initial popularity It has slowed in recent times. Continue reading

Microsoft and Your Recognition Facial Now Put to Test Our… Bigote ♥

November is a month that some years ago has become a small tribute to those that look moustache on their faces. The Movember event has become a symbol to promote awareness about some health problems in men such as depression or prostate cancer, and Let grow mustache and proud of it is something traditional these days. Continue reading